The glaring concern with Messina is the lack of NBA experience.  Despite a large amount of coaching experience, none of it has come as an NBA coach.

Messina would be the first international coach to make the jump to the professional game and many analysts/scouts wonder if the transition could be made since the personalities and pressures that come with being a head coach in the NBA.

While the offense seems like a fit, the defensive system raises questions (and everyone knows the Lakers need to improve defensively).  Messina is said to be known for defense, but how much that actually means in the international game remains to be seen.  His ability to sell his system on that end of the floor could be the deciding factor if the Lakers decide to interview him.

Lastly, there are those who have said that Messina drives his players too hard which could be a red flag considering it was part of the reason Mike Brown was fired two seasons ago.   Many times Brown required two-a-day practices and long film sessions which did not mesh with the Lakers veteran personnel.  Discipline is never a bad thing but how Messina relates to the players is a big question mark particularly with a team that is coming off a coach that had very troubling relationships with many of his veteran players.

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