Scott has run the Princeton Offense so far during coaching tenure. This is the same offense the Lakers team from 2012 tried to run during the beginning of the season, which led to former Laker head coach Mike Brown’s firing. None of the coaches who run the Princeton offensive system has shown yet that it could work in the NBA and lead to a championship, the only trophy the Lakers care about.

Also, many players have been known to quit on Scott during his coaching tenures, which led the Hornets and Nets to have no choice but to fire him during mid-season. With D’Antoni, role players seem to get along very well with him, while superstars don’t. In Scott’s case, the opposite can be said about his relationship with his players.

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  • Al Haldie

    SCOTT head coach & FISHER as an AST…now YOU HAVE LAKER ,HISTORY And they know how too get it done….

    • ese steve

      Ilike that but just not to sure on the Princeton offensive scemes scott likes to run

      • Max Prime

        Well what do you like dude??? All I hear is uh no!!!

  • Max Prime

    The Lakers need to resign Pau. Pick up Michael Beasley, with an improving Kendall Marshall. and a healthy Kobe we got a quality four…All we need is a tough, defensive minded center(Shot blocker). Sacre should improve in his 3rd year. But can he be that Center??? Not 100% convinced yet. But I don’t see any better option at this point. The key is to resign Gasol and pick up Beasley.