shoesO.C. Register: All the top players have line of shoes, so why not the NBA’s winningest coach?

Adidas is producing 15 pairs of kicks for the Lakers coach called the Phil Jackson Artillery shoe and it will come in two colorways — purple and gold (Lakers) and black and red (Bulls).

The shoes also will sport an “X”, which represents the number of titles Jackson has won.

The shoes look good in the drawings, certainly not senior-type shoes with rubber shoes or anything. There’s not even any velcro.

  • boogs

    those look like trekking boots. pass…

  • lakeshow2481

    u serious not koo

  • xxv112002

    Wow will it make us walk like Phil? Haha.

    I see they got two versions, Bulls & Lakers. Will Phil be wearing the Bulls version in practice sessions? Maybe he can wear the Lakers version at home practice, and the Bulls away?

  • KeyTurn

    Love the idea and respect for Phil, but the shoe is fugly.

  • ceballos-neverforget

    I dig the shoe. Sorry to all you “ballers” who are mad cuz it doesnt look like some absurd sci-fi spaceship like most of the crap Nike pumps out nowadays.

  • BShawk

    Thems some old timey old man shoes. Step on up granpappy, here’s yo new kicks for the home.

    better marketing would be phil jackson for Depends. I’ve seen him cr ap his pants on the bench more than once.

  • aNOOneeMOOs

    I hope these are magical shoes that will heal all the hip/back problems PJ has been going through, so he can coach some more.

    I mean Pierce had the magical wheelchair, why can’t it come in a form of some crappy shoes.

  • D-Fish4Governor

    the shoe design actually looks good for me. its a pretty decent one. (put aside all the out of this world shoe designs that come out these days) nice one adidas. maybe phil can use thia for walking and jogging.

  • Scottastrophik

    He deserves it…..

  • Robert

    If he can talk his team into wearing his shoe for a game, it might be worth considering.

  • Eli

    How many coaches get their own damn shoes? Love the props for Phil. Greatest coach ever.

  • http://king KING

    haha thats pimp. i’d rock’em. only phil is dope enough to have his own shoe

  • BShawk

    how ’bout a Nike walker?

  • joe moe

    Lol that’s dope gaming. Off the heezy fo sheezy. Phil is the man. Did red auerdink get his own show? I think not. That’s str8 ballin fo shizzle.

  • GT

    does he wear those shoes while he was on crutches? :P

  • lovekb

    :) it looks beaituful. I think it’s the first time Adidas offer kicks for coach