Good to know they’re focusing on the right things. I think video is the best thing for this team.

portraitPasadena Star News: Lakers coach Phil Jackson held a video session that lasted for about 90 minutes and then the team worked out for another 90 minutes or so on the practice court at the Time Warner Cable Arena, home of the Charlotte Bobcats.

“Execution,” Jackson said when asked about the focus of the video session.

No, Jackson did not wish to put his players to death in the wake of their worst game of the season Sunday in Atlanta. He merely pointed out ways to improve before they return to the court tonight to face the up-and-coming Bobcats.

“It’s always about execution,” Jackson said.

The Lakers were out of sync for most of Sunday’s 86-76 loss to the Hawks. They had season lows with 13 points in the first quarter and 76 in the game. They also shot only 35 percent from the floor.

About the Bobcats

Charlotte leads the all-time series, 5-4, and joins Boston as the only teams in the NBA with winning records against the Lakers.

The Bobcats beat the Lakers, 117-110, in double overtime on Jan. 27 at Staples Center.

Jackson, asked what he remembered about the game, said, “Nothing.”

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  • Lakers #1

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  • Andrew Rafner

    this is why phil changes his facial hair each year. old photo! old photo!

  • Lakezilla

    A lot of good that film session did. People say the Lakers are tired but thats a bunch of bull. I think Kobe and Fisher are tired and need a recharge but the rest of them don’t get to use that excuse. Vujabrick(never reward bad players for one season of success in a contract year….bad move Mitch) went back to being an 11am player and Farmer has always been overrated. Can’t play d, can’t pass, can’t shoot free throws and refuses to take the ball to the rim. What a waste. Lamar is dominating today and they keep posting DJ or Powell. Wtf? Where the hell is the in game coaching or veteran leadership. Kobe can’t take it to the hoop if his kids life depended on it. The Lakers have been playing bad for the past month but they were still able to squeak out alot of their games. Now its just pathetic to watch them. This is not how u want to play going into the playoffs…confusion, no desire, no leadership, no coaching. Oh and if some fans think when Bynum comes back everything will change, u need a reality check. Because Bynum isn’t around and Lamar is not on the bench, is that an excuse to play with no effort, keep missing wide open shot after wide open shot, don’t communicate and turn the ball over? I don’t think so. Kobe is getting older and combined with his fatigue, he looks terrible right now. He’s the captain and is not leading by example right now. Three hours in the gym before the game and he still comes out and shoots like crap. Not a good sign. If he can’t turn it around soon, I think its a no brainer to say we don’t have a chance in hell of winning. Lol and people say we have a better supporting cast than LeBron….hahaha yeah right.