Clipper Darell puts on the Purple and Gold armor

Clipper Darell joined us on the latest VOTN podcast #36 and told us all about his bet (which he lost) with Brian Shaw. Because of this, he will wear a purple and yellow Brian Shaw jersey during tonight’s matchup with the Lakers at STAPLES Center during the Lakers home game tonight.

Here is the video from ABC7 of him putting on the jersey! Looking good Laker-D… er… Clipper-D!

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  • Spank

    Im from Sydney Australia and when i came to LA on my honeymoon for a Lakers game we also went to a Clippers game and i sat next to Clipper Man… thats one passionate cat !!

  • David Brickley

    I like how ABC didnt spell his name correctly. It’s Clipper Derrell not Clipper Darryl…Tune into the Voice of the Nation, where we get it RIGHT!

  • KB24ForLife

    why the {Profanity isn’t allowed on — Please go back and edit your comment. Thank you.} is he talking about kobe spraining his knee. i hope this {Profanity isn’t allowed on — Please go back and edit your comment. Thank you.} breaks his {Profanity isn’t allowed on — Please go back and edit your comment. Thank you.}and falls off a flight of stairs and sprains his neck

  • Fred A.

    Be safe KOBE!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Lakers 24 7

    Is he the dude that yells “LETS GO CLIPPERS LETS GO!” really loud when the Clippers are down 20?

  • Babak

    i met him at a nissan dealership, i even got his autograph.. the guys pretty gay.. he has a bmv painted clipper colors. and on the hood signuatures of clipper players…

  • K20

    how the fuck can u be a Clipper fan!!!!!
    they are an will always be GARBAGE!!!!!!

  • purplegoldveins

    yo this dude is crazy. i remember me and my friends saw a bmw decked out with clipper logos ALL OVER IT. its a moving clipper logo. we made fun of it wondering who the hell would drive that, now i know. oh its a brand new 745 bmw too, so at least clipper guy has money.

  • Babak

    its not brand new.. maybe like a 05