Interesting news here. I don’t think Artest will be a problem, but it’s good to keep positive people around him! The season can’t get here soon enough!

O.C. Register: Chuck Person was right there on Nov. 19, 2004. Person’s left arm was hooked around Artest’s neck, pulling his head down. Person had the formidable challenge of trying to control Artest while also protecting Artest’s exposed head from all the debris being hurled from the hands of angry Detroit Pistons fans.

On Wednesday afternoon, Person was again with Artest, casually rebounding the ball as Artest practiced jumpers after the Lakers’ team workout.

The Lakers have hired Person as a special assistant for training camp, and there’s an expectation he’ll stay on staff for the duration of Artest’s first season here, at least. Person was a very good NBA player who has become a very capable NBA coach, but what’s most important here is that he has a special connection with the flammable Artest.

And the Lakers would be wise to keep using that as they chart these rough waters for the first time.

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  • Chris Ekstedt

    makes sense to me. i will say this. i am a huge lakers fan and i love our players from starting 5 to the bench. but ron artest is AWESOME! i don’t think he’s crazy, i think he is living his life the way he wants to.

    he is a super athlete, how else can he play the 2 gaurd as well as power forward. a 2 gaurd as the 2nd heaviest on the team?

    i love his defense, i love his attitude and i love his attack. he has a sporadic shot hope it’s not an issue this year since he’ll have lamar, kobe, pau, drew and fish all looking for their shots to.

    the lakers have changed since we got beaten handily by the celtics a few years back and i thought it was a lack of toughness and “want” to win. i think pau got beat up by perkins and on paper garnet is better then lamar and with kobe focused on pierce who’s gonna cover allen or rondo?

    this will not be the issue, having artest just toughens us. we are the lakers nation and there is some “shine” about us because we are LA where as boston may be a gritty team and tough. but having artest is gonna help us out two fold. i dare garnett to get into artests face. i dare perkins to push around artest. i don’t see pierce having an easy time shooting over 6 foot 10 lamar odom.

    this is going to be a fun year. and if it does go down in disaster then i will do as i have been told. i will point my fingers at artest…. per his instructions.

    artest is the man. i don’t think he’s crazy, but lets say he is… so?

  • 007

    all this talk about artest’s toughness… but what can the guy really do?? yes, we’re a “tougher” team with him on the roster because we know what he did whilst playing for indiana but that is exactly what teams are going to try and do – get a rise out of artest. and once they do, his reputation will only get him ejected, or even worse suspended. then what? no more artest. i just hope artest shuts the other team down with his basketball skills and not with his fists. we know that he’s definitely calmed down since his brawling days, but we all know what he’s capable of…

    • desecrator93

      Quit worrying he aint gonna blow up man. Thats just an overblown stereotype hes had since the brawl and its an undeserving one. The guy has matured and he knows this is probably his last chance to get a ring so he’ll keep his sh*t together and do what hes told.