playgroundLakers Examiner: I was searching all night and all morning for video or a picture of this, but I can’t seem to find it.

In the first half of the Los Angeles Lakers’ 115-110 overtime victory over the visiting New Orleans Hornets, fans witnessed something rarely seen at an NBA game.

After a fast break dunk by Kobe Bryant, Hornets guard Chris Paul gathered the basketball, stepped out of bounds, and inbounded the ball…..right off of Bryant’s back.

The ball bounced off of Bryant, who was running back on defense, directly into Paul’s hands, and he continued to dribble down the court without missing a beat.

You see this play all the time, just not in the NBA. It’s usually reserved for punk high-schoolers or members of the AND 1 Mixtape team.

It got me thinking about some other things that are done in pick-up games that should become regular occurrences in the NBA…

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  • lyk13

    That pic looks seriously wrong….:D

  • ko8e_f@n

    Chris Paul even bounced the ball off Kobe’s back during one of the inbound sequence (after Kobe waited for Paul before laying the ball up on a fastbreak) :P

  • IamJustinM

    Finish the story. He ended up completely losing control and caused a turnover in about 5 seconds.

  • MILO

    this fu-ck-en game was out of control! Kobe was forcing up shots! yet another good game by Lamar!!!

  • lainok

    There have been a few things that have changed for me over the past season or two. The first was that I alway respected Kevin Garnett for his focus and passion. And now I think he’s just a loud mouth little biatch. He plays a decade as a perrinal first round loser, then joins a team with two all stars and automatically thinks he is one of the best to play the game. And seeing how he acts now has made me lose all respect for him. The other player is Chris Paul. I though he was an amazing up and comer, and was a good represenative for the league, until I saw his non stop trash talking. I wasn’t quite sure how I still felt about him until I saw him inbound it off Kobe. The first thing it proved was that he had no confidence or respect for his own teamate to take care of the ball on the inbound, so much that he had to do it all himself. The second was, that this is PRO Basketball. Not the playground. You don’t pull that stuff, especially on Kobe Bryant. CP3 was on the Olympic team, and every single one of those guys has commented on how Kobe was the force that got them to the gold. His work ethic, his passion, his respect for the Olympics that the previous team took for granted. And for C. Paul to go and punk him like that in his own house? It was selfish, and low.

  • udechukwu

    just finished reading the article and im gonna have to say, that was really stupid.

    “it got me thinking about some other things that are done in pick-up games that should become regular occurrences in the NBA:

    The offensive player making his move to the basket by dribbling through the legs of the defender (aka Nutmegging).
    The offensive player bouncing the ball off the head of his defender.
    After being called for a foul, the defender disputing the call to the point where he sits on the ball, refusing to let anyone play until the call is reversed.
    The offensive player crossing over the defensive player to get by him, but instead of continuing to the basket, the offensive player throws the ball into the stands in celebration of his move.
    The defensive player pulling down the offensive player’s shorts to prevent him from making his move.”

    why would you wanna see any of that in the nba?!?
    if kobe ever threw the ball into the stands after a cross-over, giving up 2pts on a wide-open lane i dont know what i would do, but i definitely wouldnt be happy or excited about the move. besides in And1 i dont find that ever neccessary… i wouldnt even do that in my own game. pts are way more important than style or entertainment

  • west818

    kobe: yo chris how ma ballz hang?

  • kobe-wankenobi

    lainok you are out of your mind
    CP3 is amazing, and i do not think kobe felt he disprespected him, in fact he did not say anything…

    i wish more players play more showtime like cp3 does!

  • Joseph

    caption this: “chRis paUL gives me wingsssss!”

  • ck

    lainok you’re dumb, if the play had worked who cares if it disrespected Kobe, it worked. CP3 is the best point guard in the game, and he has a competitive desire that few players have.

  • lakers4lyfe

    lainok…ur blowing things outta proportion man.

  • imfasterthanur

    [Comment ID #62672 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I’m pretty sure the columnist wrote that article out of humor. If you ever played like that as a kid in elementary school, or even high school, then you get where he is coming from.

  • digdug

    i know the lakers examiner posts many articles to be about humor, but i think theyre all just stupid, not funny, and irrelavant. I guess they just let anybody write articles nowadays


    Lanoik makes a very “Valid Point”;
    …CP3 is a very competitive player, but that play was just mustard of the hot dog that fell off with 20 seconds left on the clock!
    …Just like in white men can’t jump, he would rather look good first, and win second… Read em & weep, little boys!


    Lainok makes a very “Valid Point”