Chicago fans started chanting, “Kobe, Kobe, Kobe…”

At the end of tonight’s Bulls game, the Bulls fans – losing – started to chant, “Kobe… Kobe… Kobe.” Pretty funny stuff from fans with a team who is off to a bad start (0-2).

You can read some of the Bulls fans reactions at a thread over at RealGM by clicking here.

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  • The Nugget

    Overreacting much?

  • Neo-Laker Era

    This is unheard of. Have we ever heard another team’s player’s name chanted in a game with teams he doesn’t even play for? (That was an awkward sentence.)

  • Newtdog

    After seeing this Suns game…..You must keep Kobe and this team together…Kobe has got to be proud of his team!!!!

  • LD2k

    I’m trying to get one of my fellow Bulls mixmakers to upload a clip onto youtube. :)

  • steve

    ALL TOGETHER NOW …lets share the ball and win ….see it does work

  • ab4sure

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    Share the Ball, no one needs to shoots 30 times, occasionaly maybe, I love team basketball rather than one on one ball… here that kobe, I hope you hear your teammates too..

  • ab4sure

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    Share the Ball, no one needs to shoots 30 times, occasionaly maybe, I love team basketball rather than one on one ball… hear that kobe, I hope you hear your teammates too..

  • mikedeezy2k8

    maybe kobe will see that this team if healthy is pretty good, wait for some free agents.

  • 5465

    i cant wait to see when lakers play in chicago

  • Kwame MVP

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    Lakers at Celtics last year. Kobe was owning them and the celtics crowd began to chant kobe.

  • steve

    For kobe to have 16 points and 11 rebounds surely it cant be that bad if it means winning..Thats why basketball players play ball isnt it?….A couple of other points as often will the rest of our TEAM shoot,pass and defend this well?..And you cannot put a price on the affect fisher has on the team…..THANK GOD SMUSH IS IN MIAMI…….THANK GOD

  • MILO

    Im not surprised at all, remember Boston had MVP chants for him last season.I cant wait for the Lakers to face them so that the Lakers can show them that the western conference still owns the east…

  • LD2k

    Well I’ve NEVER heard of ANYTHING quite like this… I got the ESPN clip. But the sports anchor says they were chanting, I don’t actually have the clip of them chanting; make sense?

  • kb24 4life

    So let me see, kobe is a laker and you guys booed him and in chicago they chanted his name, man, you guys looked very bad booing kobe because he is a laker…and always will be..

  • Rpoc

    Who the hell cares about those boos. They eventually started chanting “Kobe, Kobe, Kobe” when he was at the freethrow line anyway in the same game. But no one gave an ish about that. It was only the boos.

  • DCLaker

    Well at least Deng didn’t get traded,OUCH!Maybe the lakers should trade Brian Cook for Noah.He would be tremendous for the lakers on the defensive end and perfect for setting up his players for shots on offense,plus they should throw in another player who’s useless or a draft pick(lord knows they don’t need anymore of those)and they’ll be straight.

  • Neo-Laker Era

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    Yea I remember that, but check what I said. We’re talking about his name being chanted in a game with two teams he DOESN’T play for. I LOVE IT!!

  • LD2k

    Video is posted.

  • foxxy


  • lakerschamps08

    hahahahah this just means that fans want kobe and bulls keep losing and kobe might see that and force the issue to get a trade done quicker soooo.. i would love kobe in la but if we dont get webber or JO we not getting a championship unless we play like we did vs suns…. not gonna happen…but in any way go lakers and kobe