Hey everyone, just wanted to check in from Vegas.

The AM570/TLN Vegas Hoops party has been a blast! Better yet, for those who couldn’t go, we’ll bring you exclusive pictures and video of the big event for all of TLN to enjoy. We have some great stuff that we’re working on getting up on the website as soon as possible!

From our entire staff here at TheLakersNation.com, we want to thank all of you for the support, love and passion you give to the Lakers and our website.

Even though we couldn’t have every last member join us here, we’re making sure you get in on all the fun stuff as we keep the cameras on for all the action. And as you can see to the side, VTB, Kam & Elvis are ready to go!

For now, just wanted to say we’re putting “20 on black” for TLN and letting it roll. Stay tuned for more pictures and video content coming later tonight. And as VTB would say, “FEEEEEEEEELING YOU!”

  • drew

    “FEEEEEELING YOU!!!” NICE, sounds like you guys will have a lot of fun. I will have to make sure I have the money for the next trip like this. ALL WEEKEND LET IT ROLL, HAHA NICE!!

  • http://ld2k.com Chris Manning

    We’re about to depart for the game.

    Jim one 6 bucks off of a 1 dollar Poker machine.

    I am down 2 dollars gambling. Then again, I only gambled 2 dollars. :lol:

  • drew

    haha, nice…hopefully the Lakers turn it around this game. Down 2 bucks, no big deal, you can’t lose what you don’t gamble haha. You guys gonna gamble any tonight after the game?

  • bhpreppy

    The kid in the middle looks like a complete tool.

  • cooleo24

    [Comment ID #52179 Will Be Quoted Here]

    he designed the site, fool.

  • Peanut Butter Spread

    good win for the Lakers, even if it’s preseason.
    VladRad’s been playing awesome these three games.
    Of the young guys, I think Heath might have to go, I don’t like how risky his dribbling is.

  • http://jamieinsider.celebuzz.com Jamie Spears Insider

    Good win tonight! Lamar looks more active tonight. Vlade’s really looking good. I think the battle for the last spot will come down to Joe Crawford, DJ and Miles. Coby Carl hasn’t made (I think) any shot at all this preseason…

  • http://ld2k.com Chris Manning

    Hey fellas. Kam is the sharpest “tool” in the shed. Right… anyways…

    Vegas has been a blast. I’ll be working on a great video piece for TLN soon enough! Thing is, The Kobe MVP series has sucked 200+gb away from me until I do the final exports that is.

  • drew

    LD2k, MAN 200+gb… you were not kidding when you said this was going to be one of the biggest Kobe mixes ever. Should be nice when its finally done.


    you guys are lucky bastards!

    Chris is TLN your full time job?

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    [Comment ID #52186 Will Be Quoted Here]

    How much do uo get paid to run the website? Seriously, if this isnt ur first job, then I think that u shud get a job as a video mixer…thats ur talent right there. Also, ur in ur Mid 20’s right Chris? I suggest that you sould lay off a tiny bit off this site and the Lakers and start thinking about the rest of ur life. Sure, ur a Laker4life, but thats not gonna help you in the near future.

    Just some advice:), we really love u here at TLN!!

  • rawnnn

    This event was sad. I was emailing back n forth one of the administrators or whoever was organizing the the whole thing and his last reply to me was at 11:38am. I had everything planned for me and my girl, got the day off from work, got the money out my savings. Apparently, he failed to inform me that the cut off time to purchase the package was at 12nn. So I didn’t get to go! Thanx guys!

  • Shane Bien

    There was no cutoff time. It was first come first serve. TLN was the first to presell the package a couple months ago, and we also had a last minute offer available that wad first come first serve. Let me know when you call ticketmaster and complain about the Lakers selling out opening night before you are ready to purchase.

  • rawnnn

    thats not what i was told. i was told through an email from Brent that there was a master list sent at 12 noon but not to worry because there will be more offers like this in the future.

  • Shane Bien

    [Comment ID #52195 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well that is through AM570, not through TLN. When you go through us, I deal with all matters personally.

    Email future concerns to me and send me your info. I will make sure you and all others have the same opportunity to be involved in all future offers.

  • piXie

    uh, nobody gets paid anything for working on this site…so be thankful everybody…because they are fans doing this for the fans…on their free time…out of their passion

  • rawnnn

    thanx for the future help.. but thats what i thought i did.. i left a comment on the ad that was on this site and i guess was replied by AM570.

  • http://www.otrbasketball.com/forums/ Nissan

    Post the pics and videos.

  • rawnnn

    [Comment ID #52234 Will Be Quoted Here]

    if your referring to me, about uh… being thankful, well uh, mind ur own business..

    i know this was just a preseason and first of many to come.. its sure is no biggie to some, but this one was supposed to be special because i wanted to propose to my girl there..

    whats worse about being told that there was a cut off date is finding out now that there wasn’t one after all..

    so here’s my suggestion for future promotions– get your heads together! if the ad thats posted on TLN says leave an email for questions, please make sure that the email is getting to the right people with the right information.

    thank you..

  • piXie

    i think everybody should be thankful because it is a great site and they are putting lots of time into it. there is no reason to single you out because i dont think that you are unappreciative of that and i’m sorry if i made you feel otherwise. it was a general response to what i’m sure more people than yourself are wondering.

    if you dont want people to read “your business” then maybe in the future you can e-mail or PM them instead of posting them publically. just a suggestion for everybody that doesn’t wanna share their own personal business and if people feel offended from others that comment on it.

    sorry for the offense! just trying to help because i did notice that you asked a question that i actually knew an answer to!

    just trying to help out fellow TLN members where i can.


    hey rawnnn chill out! piXie was answering my question whether or not they get paid for this site!

    And if it was sooo personal why would you post on a public forum/blog!?!?!

  • rawnnn

    because it failed when i try to do it private?? man, im a chilled mug.. youre suggesting that i post in private directly to the man, right? but dude, i tried doing that and i got the wrong information or the lack of information, remember? thats y im voicing out here.. at least everybody knows whats up…

    my bad pixie..

  • http://nbafan24.webs.com kbfan24

    must have been fun

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