adammCharlotte Observer: Adam Morrison was odd.

Not a bad guy, not a selfish guy. Just odd, in a way I’d never before encountered in two decades covering the NBA.

When an NBA player acts odd, it’s usually an over-abundance of arrogance or boastfulness. Those guys think so much of themselves, they stop listening to what anyone else thinks.

Morrison was just the opposite; he listened too much. His rookie season, he was so conscious of the crowd screaming “Shoot!” that he did so every time the ball hit his hands. He knew that wasn’t his game – he was more a creative scorer than a pure shooter at Gonzaga – but he tried pleasing everyone and instead pleased no one.

Just about the time he figured that out, his knee shattered in a preseason exhibition against the Los Angeles Lakers. That cost him his second season and added to this unstated imperative that he justify being the third overall pick.

He tried playing it cool this season, saying he was happy being a bench player behind Gerald Wallace and Jason Richardson. That was the right thing to say, demonstrating he was a good teammate.

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  • Eidraq

    odd as he might be, we had a space cadet on our team before..wont be too difficult to deal with this he has a better attitude about coming from the bench than vlad did…and at worst, we have two good expiring contracts

  • xtro

    guy can shoot. period.

  • LAKing

    I think Morrison will finally play to his full potential working under Coach Jackson and Kobe. New team, new city and not mention a chance to contend for a title, this can finally motivate Morrison to play his game to the upmost potential and contribute to this team. He was a great player in college, this is his chance at redemption.

  • zgum

    oh boy…

  • kobe-wankenobi

    The problems were numerous. Morrison had to be a prolific scorer just to keep pace with everything he gave up at the other end. Teams would target him relentlessly (did you notice Marvin Williams’ 20 free throws Friday?), forcing teammates to take fouls once Morrison’s man dribbled past him.

    we gave up a D liability that was a great 3 point shooter for a worst D liability that is not that good!


    That article is LOW. You dont attack someone`s personal life if you just didnt like them as a players. He is a clean kid. Is he a good player to be picked at number 3?? I dunno. I guess we ll find out. But the way he looks has NOTHING to do with basketball. The writer of this article shows NO CLASS at all

  • Mitch4Pres

    read the comments under the article. charlotte fans definitely didnt think too fondly of this guy and by the sound of it he is a huge defensive liability. it will be interesting to see how his time in los angeles plays out

  • JayOne

    its funny how farmars UCLA team beat his Gonzaga Team and now theyre playin together…

  • west818

    another pusy player


    …Mitch went on record stating; The Lakers wouldn’t make a deal unless the incoming player can make an immediate & meaningful impact on the court!
    …This *&^%$#@! trade had nothing to do with that so-called deal!
    …Old Man Jackson better get in tune with the current generation of player’s mindset and curtail his pension of belittling them within the media, or else the Stubborn Old Battle-Ax’s next media-hyped *&^%$#@! might be with an overly sensitive Mr. Bynum! …And who wants that?
    …I for one, can’t wait for this dinosaur to get his so-called 10th ring and RETIRE!