Well this isn’t good news. The postgame report mentioned Kobe can’t stand up on the plane due to his back. This must mean it could be a little more serious than we think. Also, when he went to the podium, he was standing up. Definetely not good signs…

What do you guys think? This is definitely something I for one am worried about.

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  • Lakers 24 7

    Im worried also but the good thing is that game 5 isnt until wednesday so Kobe will have a few days to rest it

  • willow

    For anyone who’s had a significant back injury like myself, we know that it takes about 2 to 3 weeks to at least get rid of the pain and another 2 weeks to heal because even the everyday movements of walking and sitting down becomes extremely painful if he pulled a muscle by twisting his back. It’s so painful that walking alone sends the pain down your leg which means that he might have an inflamed disc which presses against the sciatic nerve and that IS NOT GOOD NEWS at all.

  • DingleBerry

    Lamar should give him some of that good pot he smokes. the pain will be gone. its all good….

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    For some reason im not scared at all, Kobe is Kobe, and he will be on the floor come game 5, he will do a lot of treatment and be ready to go. Did he really mess his back up that bad on that turn around fade away? or am I missing something? if so it looks like he just twisted too fast and wasn’t warmed up and he tweaked a muscle…but still im prayin its all good, but if theres anyone not to worry about when hes hurt its Kobe Bryant (torn ligament in shooting hand, bad ankle, sprained elbow, knee) and still MVP…get better Kobs!

  • lakerschamps08

    i know u guys gonna kill me but this is why we gonna lose the series.. but unless if we win game 5 then we gonna win the series but id we lose game 5 then we in trouble but if a miracle happens and we win game 6 with being down 3-2 and to make it 3-3 there is NOOOOOOOO I REPEAT NOOOOOOOOOOOO WAT WE LOSE GAME 7…..SOO IM WORRIED EVEN IF WE ADVANCE TO WCF THE SPURS AND HORNETS R HEALTHY AND WE ARE NOT.

  • gugy

    IF KOBE DOESN’T HEAL FAST WE ARE {Profanity isn’t allowed on theLakersNation.com — Please go back and edit your comment. Thank you.}

  • SliqRiq

    [Comment ID #35504 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You can say that again!!!!!!

  • GotAce

    Wow Just a few days ago
    we were up 2-0. and unbeaten in the playoffs.

    How fast time flys, huh.

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    will miss 1 week

  • Lakers 24 7

    Kobe wont miss nuthin, he’ll probably have his back wrapped, somebody else has to step up, I hate to see him banged up like this, as if he already didnt have enough injuries

  • vida8

    I am speechless right now….
    the one guy that has been consistent through out the playoffs is injured …how great …. JOhn holgier ( or what ever ur name is ) ,JON BARRY ,Charles Barkely …you can throw a party now …..the moment that you all have been watin has arrived ….
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  • domz

    Dont worry guys! Stay Positive!!!
    We’ll win this series and have Kobe perform his best playoff games!!!

    BEAT UTAH!!!

  • TLG21

    its not that he can’t stand up due to his back. he can’t SIT due to his back (which is why he was standing during the press conference), but he’ll be forced to sit since he won’t be able to stand on the plane due to some other reason…

  • Keep Odom

    This series will go to game seven. We have seen Kobe play through worst injuries. But we will win this series. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!

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    I had the same injury last year. It wasn’t pretty and I know he is in pain. Good Luck Kobe. Do your best!!! Its time for everyone to step up now. And if Ariza can play. I say play him. Famar this is your time. Gasol you said that you would fight to the death. Here is your time to lay on the line. Sasha keep doing your thing. Luke we need to start dunking now, it’s the freakin’ playoffs mang!!! – Thats all for now.

  • e

    oh boy…


    This is the reason The Lakers, in the off-season, need to get High Energy guys that can play at Kobe’s speed other than Pau,LO,DF and Turiaf(Ariza and Bynum also)’cause if KB goes down,WHO’S GOING TO PICK UP THE SLACK.This is why Phil said his teammates “bailed on’em”,I didn’t see it like that but I’m not going to argue a guy going after his 10th ring(AND WILL GET HIS 10TH).

    DAMNKOBE’SBACK.com,I still say 4-2.

  • kobetrueking

    phil will bring out the remote as he said on bynum.
    i want to know something!is bynum and ariza are not allowed to play because of the injury even some minutes?if not why not let them play for 5 to 10 mins in the crunch time..it’s just basketball not a marathon or a boxing…they just need to be in the to pull up some pressure….what do think

  • Remy

    I originally said it was going to be 4-1 for the lakers as a best case scenario, but now going with the worst of 4-2. This is also interesting to me too. I see some simlarities against the Jazz between Phil Jackson’s Bulls and now with his Lakers. Now, I’m NOT saying that his Lakers are THE BULLS, or the Jazz of John Stockton and Karl Malone is like Deron William and Boozer, but the situation is similar and it is interesting to me. Here are the similarities…

    1. In 96-97, Jordan had the flu in Game 5 of the NBA finals against the Jazz, but his desire to win and lead his team by example gutted out 38 points for victory. NOW, I’M NOT SAYING KOBE IS JORDAN, but the situation is similar. Kobe is definetly not going to be 100% comes game 5. However I’m pretty sure, Kobe’s desire to win will not let this back injury stop him from doing everything that is possible for the lakers to win game 5

    2. In 96-97 finals, the Bulls lost BOTH game at Utah worst than us. Game 3 the bulls got crushed 93-104 and Game 4, they lost 73-78. Also notice that that the finals was a 2-3-2 series, so the bulls had to play the jazz at their home court 3 times! When it counted, the bulls gutted out for that important game 5 victory at UTAh with Jordan ill
    to lead the series 3-2.

    3. In 97-98 finals, the Bulls were able to close out and win the championships in game 6 at UTAH. I’m not predicting anything, but I believed that with a victory in game 5, the lakers need to take a lesson from the bulls that is very important to close out game 6 at Utah regardless that we return back to l.a for game 7


  • e

    he’ll be ready for game 5 just read it on espn.com

  • kobeftw

    Injured back won’t keep Lakers’ Bryant out of lineup for Game 5 http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/playoffs2008/news/story?id=3392509

  • drake hunter

    If he was feeling that bad during the end of Game 4 maybe he should have passed to Fisher or Odom or Gasol in O/T instead of forcing bad shots every possession!