Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Tyson Chandler is an intricate part of the Dallas Mavs’ success. As he prepares for the series against the Lakers, he always had dreams about being a “Lakers killer.”

“Some players used to imagine themselves as other players,” said Chandler, who moved throughout Southern California as a child and attended high school basketball powerhouse Compton Dominguez. “I used to imagine myself killing the Lakers. Hopefully, my dreams come true.”

With the Lakers and Mavs matching up in the post-season for the first time since 1988, Chandler will get his chance against the two-time defending champions. And he made it very clear what he wants out of the opportunity.

“When you grow up in L.A., you either want to grow up and be a Laker or when you’re on another team, you want to kill the Lakers,” Chandler said. “I’m on another team; you know what I want to do.”

  • Gilbert Ortiz

    to bad this is REALITY for his team. lol

  • Kobe Blo-Jobe

    Kobe Blo-Jobe will go down in FLAMES tonight!

    • Anonymous

      Okay, this is a Lakers basketball blog, not somewhere for you to share your sexual fantasies. Keep it to yourself and enjoy the game.

  • Anonymous

    Well, Tyson, you know what they say, “Reach for the stars…’cause in space, no one can hear you scream.”
    Or something like that.

  • gasoft

    gasoft better not get punked by chandler
    if he plays soft as most of the time we gonna lose
    hopefully he will show his balls

  • NoDefense

    tyson chandler,,,,,,???he was lamar’s backup in the world games wasn’t he?????