This is great news for Ron. I’m so happy for him.

Twitter: You gotta let the people know Champions made the NBA 2K11 Soundtrack @Basketball_Ron@D_Artest_QB

Twitter: Congrats to my brother @RonArtestCom. His song “Champions” will be on #NBA2K11. That’s a great look. Shoutout to @Ronnie2K for looking out.


    This is what happens when you are in LA and you when CHAMPIONSHIPS…you get the ‘booty’…that is the prizes, awards and rewards. This is why you take less to play for LA…the undisputed best franchise in the NBA!! You hear me Trevor…Raja…

  • avcpl

    Great track; I downloaded it on itunes a while ago. Get it!

  • More Cookies 4 Kob

    Awwwe shit’ch yeah Ronnie!

  • keepon_keepinon18

    Yeah, I listened to it and was surprised it was actually a good song. LOL

  • letsGOlakers!

    y is jordan on the cover of this?!?

    • Kalamazoo

      If you read the title of the game it says “The Greatest of All time”

      • kb24isthebest

        haha i no that but i think thats kind of dumb that they have someone from the past but whatever

        • ThEMVP

          yeah I dont know the details of the game, I guess they’ve added some past greats, Kareem, Hakeem, Jordan, Barkley, Wilt, Big Game, etc. If that’s the case then that’s a good thing, maybe you could unlock them or something. Kobe will be in that edition 10 yrs from now haha

          • kb24isthebest

            hahah probably, HE BETTER!

  • Trax

    is andrew byum going to be updated on 2k11 ?????