From Chad Ford’s ESPN chat from today:

ESPN: Mike: (Philly): After watching LBJ last night, how accurate is his statement that “winning a title is that simple if we get Kidd”. They would definetly come out of the East. LBJ is clearly the most dominant player in the NBA. Clearly.

SportsNation Chad Ford: Tell that to Boston and Detroit. Kidd would make a major difference in Cleveland. However, from what I understand, he really only wants to play in 1 of 2 places, LA or Dallas. Maybe LeBron can convince him otherwise. The problem is that the Cavs have zero assets to offer the Nets back. They have no young talent (Varejao can’t be traded this year) and only a few expiring contracts. Danny Ferry, when he signed Larry Hughes, Damon Jones and Ilgauskas, bet the farm on this group. They lack the flexibility to make a deal like that now.

  • airrics23


  • lakerz

    i want kidd in this team real bad now! i think we have a better chance at kidd than dallas

  • Michael_23

    … Interesting.

    If we get Kidd, lineup might be

    PG Kidd
    SG Fish
    SF Bryant
    PF Odom
    C Bynum

    Similar lineup we had when we had Gary Payton

  • Mr.81

    We didn’t start Fisher with Gary Payton.

    It would be smarter to do this:


  • pjt

    Only thing it looks like the kings are going to trade Artest, I would rather get Artest than Kidd… you add Artest, with Bryant, and Bynum…and Odom…I like that better….

  • rudemander

    Keep dreaming this will not happen. The Lakers are going to have to tuff out the next month and half with out Bynum and Ariza

  • D LO

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    Actually Fish came off the bench when we had Payton. George played SF.

    But I digress….Get Kidd!

  • Mr.81

    Yeah, he came off the bench, but didn’t start…obviously Kobe at the SF with Fisher at SG is a way you could go down the stretch, same as you could go with Kidd at the 1 and Farmar at the 2 etc.

  • Mr.81

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    We have a better chance of getting Kidd than the Kings trading with Pacific Rivals the Lakers.

  • pjt

    well if Artest was to go to the kings and say either trade me to LA and get some players, or I am going to opt out after this season and sign with the Lakers…don’t you think the Kings would rather get some of our players than not…I agree it’s a long shot.

  • lakerschamps08

    umm yea or if we can get kidd and artest just think we be favorites right away….kidd,kobe,artest,pf(this spot all depends on who we give away),bynum.. or just kidd,kobe,walton,odom,bynum..either way we are better than we are now.. go lakers
    but remember last year how WE wanted kidd and did not get him.. now KIDD wants us and prob dont get him

  • D LO

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    Umm, they’d just trade him somewhere else and get players. He has no choice.

  • Michael_23

    Sac Kings look like a good team when healthy,

    Brad Miller, Ron Artest, Mike Bibby, and Kevin Martin sounds like a dangerous team. I think Kings GM will hold on with this lineup and see how they fare when everyone is healthy.

  • pjt
  • Lakerboi

    I don’t like 3 guards on the floor at one time, it makes us small like Golden State. I like Ariza and Walton in the starting 5 and keep Kobe at SG.


    We will proubly have to give Kwame, Critter, Radman and Sasha, but if you look at our line up, they are third tier anyway…GO LAKERS.

  • Deemac1

    We have no pieces to aquire Kidd. This would be a dream come true but who can we give to get him? Cant give Bynum Waaayyy too valuable. Cant give LO even though he doesnt stay consistent(in scoring) he will atleast give u 12pts 10boards 6ass a game. Cant give Luke or Fish cause they are too smart of players, definately cant give Farmar cause after Kidd and Fish retire or minutes really deminish Jordan is your future pg. So who do we have left,Kwame Clown nobody wants him,Radman has 4 more yrs left, Sasha has two more years left and Mihm just got extention. Kinda tough but if we can get it done without ripping our core lets do it!

  • LakersFirst

    If the Lakers do deal for Kidd, they would HAVE to give up Farmar or Critt – New Jersey will want a point guard and those are the two they would look at it (they would probably want Farmar as he’s is more seasoned than Critt). LO would also be involved to make contracts match. Would you guys do that:

    LO/Farmar/Kwame Brown/#1 pick in exchange for Kidd and Magloire?

    NJ may like this because they would get a decent player in LO (who’s contract ends after next season, $14.5M off the books then), Farmar – a good young point guard and Kwame Brown ($9M off the books this year).

    If would take something like that to get this done, but doing something like this would leave the Lakers very thin up front (only bigs would be Magloire, Turiaf, Bynum (when he comes back) and Mihm (no Radman is not counted as a big).

  • Mr.81


    lol, this trade works *will never ever happen though*

    Lakers give:

    Nets give:
    Jason Kidd

  • Mr.81

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    That’s a trade that could easily happen.

    When healthy, Vlade is deadly. He looked good last game too. Kwame is a 9mil expiring, Javaris is a great young prospect. It’s better than other teams could offer.

  • lalakerfan

    Here’s another reason why Bynum’s injury came at an unfortunate time. If he was healthy today, that trade (Lamar, Farmar, Kwame and 1st pick for Kidd) might go through. But since we’re already short during this critical stretch that covers the trade deadline, I just don’t see it happening. I think the Lakers are seeking another trade and pull off a deal similar to the one they made for Ariza early in the season. A deal that’ll have all of us going “wow…I did not see that coming” and will have a positive impact for the Lakers.

  • somelakerfan1

    if we get kid we should trade Walton kwame and vlad



  • keep24

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    Only one problem. When you came up with your lineup you forgot to take out the palyers we’d lose in the trade.

    You gotta give to get!

    I fit were that simple, believe me, Kidd would be having his LA Lakers conference right about now.

  • keep24

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    Good luck with that.

    If the nets trade JK it wont be for two equally bad contracts. Kwame’s contract is an asset. But Vlad and LW are burdens.

    Never in a million years would they do this.

  • e

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    first of all id have to say i agree with u..secondly, screw lbj, if the refs called half of the offensive charges he did, he’d be no where right now, all he does is lower his head in every drive..back to the point, it wouldnt be bad if we got him…yeah i do agree having artest will give us a big body BUT, we can always shoot lamar down there and when ariza gets back, we can definitely rely on him…JUST IMAGINE THE BACKCOURT GUYS…(one of the best pgs ever to play) jason kidd, and kobe “mothaf***** bean” bryant, the best player in the nba

  • trdsol23

    I rather trade Luke, Kwame, and Farmar. Jason Kidd is a playmaker, and we need shooters to fill up the lineup. Vlad is a good shoot and we need him over the indecisive Luke who can’t shoot, can’t pass, and just plain doesn’t know what the hell he is doing when he is on the floor. I think Kidd/Kobe/Odom/Vlad/Bynum will get it done.

  • Phant0M

    See if A.BYnum was here.
    And we were still hot.
    i know half of these talks would go away.
    When were desperate, we try to look for quick fixes
    Sadly it isn’t that ez.

    Kidd is a good addition, but is it worth it?

  • getgasol

    Check this out, here is a link to a Dallas Morning News article that says that not only are Kidd to Dallas talks “cooling off”, but that “the Nets apparently are working feverishly to make something happen quickly”.

    Pair that with the other report that Kidd’s top 2 places he wants to go being either Dallas or LA, and it looks like our chances are better than we may have thought:;_ylt=AgrQU182oWvCL5caPOCSmfl60bYF?urn=nba,64561

  • tradekwame11

    how about

    Sean Williams could help at center and is probably better than kwame

  • T-Dub

    Kidd, Boone for Kwame, Vlad, Critt, 1st Rnd pick

    Kobe /Fish/Sasha=SG

    I think I could live with this!

  • Brett

    LBJ most dominate in NBA? Give me a damn break. What a dong sucker.

  • somelakerfan1

    omg i cant believe this nonsense what the heck lamar what the heck are u doing. give it to kobe or fisher why kwame argg am so frustrated we had this game plus prince shoved lamar wtf refs.. u hate the lakers just say it. you dont have to make them lose a heart breaker wtf. stupid referees. ahhhh

  • somelakerfan1

    plus kobe ronny why the heck can u miss 2 important free throws omg i am so pissed off i dont know what to say

  • T-Dub

    Lamar…39 min, 1-5fg, 6pts, 6rebs. NICE! What a way to step up for your teammates. Kobe…47 MINUTES! He’s gonna kill himself!

  • T-Dub

    Lamar just doesn’t fit in this triangle offense! He stands around and he’s not a good jump shooter. He would be better served to go to a team with run and gun offense. I think he would thrive in that system. YOU HEAR ME MITCH!

  • e

    after watching today’s game, im sick and tired of seeing lamar playing likt $hit…wtf, one day he’s 20 and 12, and another day he’s 6 and 7…no consistency at all..i dont know about you guys, im more willing to take a consistent player over a versatile player…what im basically trying to say is…

    get kidd and a true power forward soon

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

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    I just hope Mitch didn’t hear your request for Zach Randolph!

  • T-Dub

    I’ll say it again…Lamar Odom for Chris Wilcox and Kurt Thomas.

  • k0be da 1 andonly

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    then your pretty stupid…..

  • T-Dub

    Not as stupid as you if you want keep Odom!!!!! Dumba$$!!!

  • Flush Odumb

    OK all you Lame-ar lovers, let’s hear it!!!

    Was that exhibition “multi-dimensional” enough for you?

    Once again ODUMB proves his value when the game is on the line. AIRBALL!!! (and he sure snared that key rebound in front of Prince!, and how about that lockdown D on Prince – could he have left him any more wide open?)

    Did everyone see Kobe shaking his head after Lame-ar’s folly? I wonder what he thought of his “versatile” performance.

    The time has come to FLUSH!

  • T-Dub

    Yo Flush…what’s it gonna take? I think Kobe’s due to vent soon. ODOM IS TERRIBLE!!!!!


    Laker fans if your going to trade for Kidd you’ll have to give up something of value. Not garbage.

  • e

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    trade lamar and other key players for kidd and a big body, most likely a pf…this is crucial, lamar is not meant to be a second option…6 points guys? are you kidding me?

  • Flush Odumb

    Hey T-Dub,
    I don’t know how many more times this loser has to step on his dick before people see the light.

    We haven’t heard from the Chipmunk for a while. I guess we can figure our what percentage of the rim Lame-ar’s last AIRBALL hit without any help from that simpleton.

    To all you folks suggesting “championship” lineups – if they have Lame-ar on it – FORGET IT!

  • Mr. B-DAY

    we should trade kobe for kidd

  • Odom the worst player

    Again we saw this player a lot of people on this site love screw up. This guy is horrible. I just don’t know why people like this guy so much. It doesn’t matter what he does there are people who will stick up for him. I don’t think Kobe’s loved as much as some people love this guy whose name cannot be mentioned. Maybe he will show up one day. Not

  • e

    [Comment ID #24267 Will Be Quoted Here]

    are fuc*ing kidding me?

  • http://JHLaker JHLaker

    Wow GEt of this site Mr B-day Your just trying to piss all of us off
    Laker fans I think Kidd would be a great addition but I am greedy I don’t want to give farmer or any other key secondary players..I don’t care if Kwame.Radmon and a future 1st round but I am wondering just what we would have to give up. I am not a big fan of Lamar Odom but he does know his role of pass first, But he never takes charge and become aggrisive, With kidd you have that with Artest you have that, But Untill I see kidd in the line-up then I think I’ll just keep dreaming. I like our Team now when Bynum is healthy.

  • MILO

    The Lakers need to go after Artest right now that he’s said he’ll opt out after this season they will take whom ever the Lakers offer Luke Critt for Artest fu-ck J-Kidd!!!

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #24227 Will Be Quoted Here]

    He’s already said he’s opting out after this season leaving Sac in a desperate situation.This can work to the Lakers advantage…Fluke and Critt for Artest

  • MILO

    At this point id give up Odumb and Fluke for Artest im tired of these 2 clumbsy mu-th-a-fu-ck-er-s

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #24247 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Very good point. Desperate people do desperate things. You don’t sell stock when it has bottomed out but when it is high. Can’t get alot for Odom now so like it or not we have to keep him unless a fair trade comes about.

  • Bring Showtime Back

    The second I saw the pass going to Lamar for the last shot, I yelled “F__K No!” and then, the nightmare became reality. As long as Lamar is a Laker, the Lakers will never, ever win another championship. Why? Because he is just flat out not a good player…he is not even a reliable, dependable role player that you would find on championship squads. These are Lamar’s trademarks:
    – Notoriously commits charges in nearly every single game
    – Plays a lazy man’s defense by just standing there with his arms raised up in the air, rarely ever jumps and challenges shots
    – Has a bad habit of turning over the ball when he starts to juke around with the ball, because he leans to the side at a 45 degree angle, trips over his own foot and tosses the ball at the backboard
    – Below average shooter
    – Misses free throws whenever the game is on the line
    – And how many times have we seen him get outhustled, outrebounded, or just plain not get the rebound when the game is on the line (LIKE TONIGHT’S GAME) and the ball comes his way
    – INCONSISTENCY is his middle name
    – Does not have the will and motivation to win, win, win

    These have been Lamar’s trademarks since he was with the Clippers and Miami. Lamar may be physically talented and versatile, but he clearly does not have the brain power to drive his talent and versatility. And please we’re way past Lamar having “potential” now…after this many years in the league…he just ain’t got the right tools fellas.

    So please, Mr. Kupchak, trade Lamar, Luke, Kwame (the worst front line in the league), 1st round pick, maybe Crittenton for Kidd, Jefferson and a bag of peanuts.

  • KB24 Rulez!!!!

    Just Trade Kobe For D.Howard!!! It would be:

  • Flush Odumb

    As was so brilliantly stated above, we’ll never be raising any more banners as long as we have that half-brain Lame-ar Odumb.

    Was that a rookie play or what???

    Time to pull the plug on this flatliner! Every time I hear him interviewed I can’t help thinking that this guy is about one step above a Moron!

  • somelakerfan1

    Just Trade Kobe For D.Howard!!! It would be:

    i like this lineup when kobe retires.

  • Mr.81

    “We’re not involved,” he said flatly. “Anybody has a right to throw out names. That’s a part of speculating. But we’re not involved. That’s all I can tell them. We like our team, and we’re moving forward with our team.”

    — Avery Johnson on Jason Kidd