Chad Ford: KG to Lakers has legs, but not imminent yet

Chad Ford tunes in to the latest KG to L.A. rumors and believes Boston is the key. He also mentions the deal has legs:

ESPN: Are the Boston Celtics the key to moving Kevin Garnett to L.A.?

The Los Angeles Times reported on Monday that the Lakers were in discussions with the Minnesota Timberwolves about a trade that would send Garnett to the Lakers. The trade would also involve the Indiana Pacers and possibly a fourth team.

After speaking with a league source, I think the deal has some legs, though it doesn’t appear imminent.

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  • jayhotep

    lets get it done by draft day

  • Jeremy

    I Heard Boston Will Get JO In This

  • lakerfan81

    This is very promising. I think its the best deal for KG i’ve heard.