young celtic?I thought this was interesting. Hoopsworld is reporting that the Celtics have worked out Nick Young (projected to go in the teens). The story gives us a little information that they have worked out Young in case of a potential draft day choice.

HOOPSWORLD.COM: A Los Angeles based league source confirmed to Basketball News on Wednesday evening that USC guard Nick Young worked out for the Boston Celtics earlier in the day. Young, projected by most mock drafts to go somewhere in the teens, likely wouldn’t be selected by the Celtics with their fifth pick. Instead, the source indicated Young was being worked out by the Celtics because of a possible draft day trade.

The Boston Celtics have been rumored to have a strong interest in trading for Phoenix Suns’ forward Shawn Marion in recent days. The Minnesota Timeberwolves, Atlanta Hawks and the aforementioned Suns have been having three-way trade discussions throughout the day as well, and it’s possible the Celtics could attempt to get involved in those discussions to land Marion by giving up their fifth pick and possibly receiving a lower draft pick in return as part of a larger trade package. At the very least, it’s apparent that by working out Young so late in the process the Celtics are considering acquiring a pick in the teens where Young will likely be selected.

Stay tuned to for all of the latest on the draft over the course of the next 24 hours.

It seems that by working out Young so late heading into the draft that the Celtics are considering acquiring a pick in the teens where Young will likely be selected. If it was a trade with Phx., they wouldn’t be working out Young… Hmmm… What do you guys think?

  • Mr RiCo

    KG is going to play for the Lakers in ’08-’09 season guaranteed!

  • MO6

    how do u know

  • lakerfan81

    hmmmmm. interesting.

  • One35

    What does this have to do with the Lakers?

  • k0be da 1 andonly


  • Mr RiCo
  • LAalltheway

    They’re working out a guy who’s projected to go in the teens, which means they might be looking at our 19th. Of course, this could mean anything. The Celtics are trying to get a veteran to go with Pierce, doesn’t mean they’re necessarily dealing with us, but we do know that they’re interested in a pick in the teens. Keep the hope alive, brothas. We’re stronger than the fuckin Laker haters. All of them. They’re scared to see the two toughest competitors in the league (BY FAR) together. The media doesn’t want to see that shit because they’d rather see Kobe fail, to say that he’s not MJ, but we all know that if we get Bryant some help, he’ll show everyone what he’s truly capable of when he’s not getting triple teamed and has some inside presence on offense and defense. If this shit goes down, it’s gonna be scary for anyone facing them in the playoffs.

  • kb24

    laalltheway nick young is projected 11 so ill dout he ll slip to number 19

  • LAalltheway

    Oh ok, thanks…What DOES that have to do with us then?

  • kisofdeath

    young at number 5? thats a to high for him

  • kisofdeath

    oh nevermind i get what they sayin they probably workin him out because they might be tradin down…ie 19 hahahha

  • john lee

    Even though there’s little chance of a Lakers/Wolves/Celtics three team trade. Here’s something that could work.

    Lakers: Kevin Garnett/Troy Hudson
    Wolves: Al Jefferson/Sebastian Telfair/Kwame Brown/Theo Ratliff/#5 Pick
    Celtics: Andrew Bynum/Lamar Odom/#19 Pick

    Lakers receive Kevin Garnett, an unstoppable All-Star power forward, along with Troy Hudson, an experienced point guard (albeit mediocre point guard).
    Wolves receive a high draft pick, two talented young players that can cover the power forward and point guard positions, and the expiring contracts of Kwame Brown and Theo Ratliff to free up cap space.
    Celtics receive Andrew Bynum, a young center with huge potential (who most likely would have gone #3 if a part of the 2007 draft), along with Lamar Odom, a talented low-post player who could appease Paul Pierce’s request for a veteran player. They also take the Lakers’ #19 pick.

    The team getting the worst out of this situation is the Celtics. So the Lakers could possibly sweeten the deal by including a player like Jordan Farmar (which would then worsen the deal for the Lakers).

    Hopefully something works out and the Lakers end up with Kevin Garnett!

  • steve

    the lakers have used the mle on the point guard of the greek team that beat the us last year….this guy can play …he is 6 foot 7…phills type of guard

  • kb24mvp

    nice trade makes sense hope it works

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