Star Tribune: Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor said that while different media sources were speculating about trade possibilities for Kevin Garnett for some time, the only trade that even came close before the actual deal was made was an earlier conversation with the Celtics before the June NBA draft. “Had the Celtics being willing to give up their fifth pick in the first round and the player we wanted [Florida’s Al Horford] been available, plus Al Jefferson, we might have considered that trade,” Taylor said. “But they didn’t agree to that. Furthermore, at the time, Kevin’s agent said he wouldn’t go there. They didn’t want to make a commitment to him unless he was committed to them.” Taylor said a trade with the Los Angeles Lakers was never close because there was a third team, Charlotte, involved, and the Bobcats never agreed.

Taylor said he did take some calls from NBA owners who had an interest in Garnett, and when that happened, he called Garnett and “just told him that it could leak out in the paper or someplace like that, that he didn’t get upset or worried about it.”

Taylor said he and Garnett had a number of conversations about Garnett’s future, and those conversations eventually led to Garnett wanting to be traded to a team that had a chance to win an NBA title.

“I told Kevin that I had a responsibility to tell him that I think we’re going to go younger,” Taylor said. “We’ve tried this free agency three years in a row, you know, bringing veteran guys in. It hasn’t worked. …

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  • keep24

    KG to Boston is a perfect fit. A soft player for a soft city.
    BTW: No team in the East will win a title for the next six or seven years.

    It was never about a ring – just the almighty DOLLAR.

    If ( and that’s a big IF) he ever got a ring, he’ll probably put it on Ebay and cash it in.

  • Sopi

    ….er….whats the point of posting this article?

    kg is gone

    move on guys

    stop posting anything about kg

    no one cares about kg now

  • Fred A.

    I am a LAKERS FAN!!!!! I do not want to hear about retarded KG and the wack a** Celtics. I hate KG and I hate Boston.
    I love this web site and all but you can’t put up KG stuff cause he is gone. I am sorry to offend anybody.
    But we need to start a “Get JO Movement”.
    A ‘Kobe-JO Duo’ would be great and it would be great to build around in present and in the future (reiterated).

  • billyboy

    yeah, we don’t give a f*ck about KG

  • BEC

    Seriously, what made you guys (gg staff) post this? I think I speak for every Lakers fan here by saying we WANT LAKERS NEWS.