The Lakers are definetely keeping their eye on the 20-2 Celtics…

O.C. Register: In the training room, Derek Fisher, Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom were among the Lakers in must-see-TV mode. And when on those TVs referee Jim Clark made a questionable ruling that benefited the Boston Celtics, the groans and profanities spewed from the Lakers’ mouths.

The Celtics were playing in Indiana, where the Lakers just lost Tuesday night, and they rallied to force overtime on Paul Pierce’s 3-pointer. When regulation ended in that game, Sasha Vujacic walked out of the training room and into the main locker room, visibly upset and shaking his head.

  • Freshh

    Always in the back of their heads + that #1 seed

  • FT

    they better be following up on the celtics, and that better lead to better play defensively, i really want to see how bad we want to beat the celtics and im gonna get my wish in 17 days. all the players keep talking about how “BAD” they wanna win this year, well….let’s see you handle the celtics like they handled us last year. nuff said

  • Lakers 24 7

    lol Glad to see that we got our eyes on the enemy. Indiana had that game, but I am sort of mad and glad Pierce made that 3. Im mad that Boston won, but Im glad that Indiana got a taste of their own medicine.


    I hate green soo much i dont carry cash! ATM ALL DAY!!

  • Mitch4Pres

    this is good. i hope the lakers hate them as much as the fans do. it will keep them focused and motivated.

  • LakersLive FromDC

    Stop worrying about them…F@#$ THEM!!!You think The Bulls was ever worried about The Pistons,before the ‘Chips..HELL NO!They never worried at all.They had a ‘whoever we play then let’s WHOOP THEY $$$” type mentality…WHOEVER! a problem,HELL,MY WIZARDS WERE A PROBLEM FRIDAY NIGHT,2 nights before that INDIANA was a problem…Celtics are not worried about The Lakers,trust me…worry about winning a CHAMPIONSHIP no matter who you see in the finals…and oh yeah,DON’T SLEEP ON SAN ANTONIO EITHER!

  • lakersFFW

    LakersLive FromDC, I think you got it wrong. Nobody said they were worried.


    laker need to get agressive tomorrow vs the queens

  • LakersLive FromDC

    LakerFFW,just making sure The Lakers aren’t just thinkin’ about playing only The Celtics…Clev. is equally as dangerous.

  • I dont wear green

    lol. how pathetic, davis from the celtics, big baby, was crying the other day during a televised game, what a bee-yatch, first pierce crying last year and now this, the smell-ticks are bunch of cry babies. can’t wait for xmas. the lakers are going to cream that a$$


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    AMEN dude. That game is 11 games away. Our only focus should be our next opponet. But what ever keeps these LAKERS motivated to WIN is fine with me.


    Lol man a love SASHA. I’m so happy we have him on our team. But wow I shouldn’t be the only to know this but SASHA is due. Meaning that guys is always lights out and he has been missing them. Never underestimate SASHA tho.

  • 123kid

    the lakers are just doing what the saying says and that is keep their enemies closer. it doesnt hurt to watch their rivals and who said they were worried!?!?! its called strategy to watch your opponents and see how they play and at the same time they want them to lose.

  • kobe4ever

    did you guys see KG taunting Calderon and Bayless? That was pathetic and then yells at his own guys Davis? Remember when anthony peeler checked KG in the Western Semi-finals (kings vs. Lakers)? Rmeember when KG punched his rookie teammate b/c the rook schooled his @$$? What a piece of $h!t I hope we F#@$ him up.

  • CG

    Its good that we’re keeping an eye on boston, but we shouldn’t be pay much attention to them. We should focus more on the getting the championship rather than playing catch-up with boston.

  • FT

    the’re not watching worried, but because they hate them and want to see them lose, in an interview not too long ago Magic himself said that after they ost to the celtics in the finals, every night of the next season they would see how boston was doing because they waned their revenge, that season they won the title…and im hoping for a same result in JUne ’09

    only 6 1/2 months away.

  • Moses

    For KG, a guy who has spent the majority of his career losing in Minnesota (and crying about it in front of John Thompson), what in the hell gives him the right to be such a jerk when he finally wins something?

    He needs a reality check, he might have finally won a ring, but he’s still the same old loser he was before, only now people don’t think he’s a good guy who’s losing, people think he’s a jackass full stop PERIOD

  • Diehardfan

    That is what we (Laker Fans) want to hear. They must stay motivated and angry at the Celtics. That is the mentality that is going to win them the Championship…

  • xtro

    i wish bynum blocks and dunks on kg on dec. 25. i wish ariza steals the ball from pierce and dunks it hard. i wish kobe defends ray-ray tenaciously that he can’t see the light of day.

  • LakersLive FromDC

    MOTIVATION…show this before the game,

  • xtro

    let’see if KG can trash talk against the twin towers of L.A. maybe, he’ll cry like Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis.

  • kobe4ever

    haha XTRO and MOSES i just fell off my chair laughing, thnx Laker Bros.

  • lakers2000

    I want Boston to do well this year because it will be more painful when the Lakers feed them their own a$$! I believe we will crush them when the time comes and the Lakers will eventually get all the bugs out and click after the all star break. I just hope that Labron does not take them out in the play offs so that we can embarrass them in the finals. We need to get home court advantage!!!! Let’s go Lakers!!!!

  • LakersLive FromDC

    LAKERNATION..guess who came out the closet,

  • sketch

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    LOL!!! that’s funny as hell!! but DC, you sure that’s him comin outta the closet or just him thinkin that the trophy is a giant ice cream cone?!

  • LakersLive FromDC

    How many men you know,or any of us know,that take a picture like that,c’mon.Not sayin’he’s a ‘u know’ but if I took a picture like that,my HOOD pass would be revoked immediately.

    Oh God that is funny,though.They should make T-shirts with that picture on there and pass them out before the game.

  • sketch

    i love it!!!! t-shirts when they come into town for Christmas!!!! i bet that even KG, pudgy, and gay allen will be so distracted from laughin their asses off that they’ll loose the game fo sho!!!!!!

  • lainok

    I love Lebron and all, but he better not steal this matchup in june. People are still talking about the Lakers going 70, and I think they will. I also think Boston, and possibly Cavs will too. The Purple and Gold and the green are eyeing eachother right now. They aren’t thinking about anyone else, so they might both go for 70 or more.


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    LMAO man the whole d*mn team came out of the closet. That’s funny man.