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Glen Davis of the Celtics has hired a sports psychologist. It’s not strange for Lakers fans considering that Ron Artest, um, World Peace, personally thanked his sports psychologist after winning the 2010 NBA Championship on national TV. However, there is one funny note in the article when Davis talks about certain players; including the Lakers’ star Kobe Bryant:

When asked who he thought the best player was in the NBA, Davis said he’s a biased person and that while he likes both James and Kobe Bryant, he doesn’t like some of the things they do on the court. Davis also noted that Bryant gets under his skin because of his charisma and the way he’s so poised.

To be completely honest though, we can’t blame Davis as Lakers fans, can we?

  • 123KID

    lol i guess thats a compliment?!?!?! its like saying f*ck i hate you cuz your so cool!

  • Anonymous

    They should have quoted what he actually said.

    • Alienmindlab5

      What did he actually say?

      • Anonymous

        Oh I have no idea lol, I just thought it was weird that the article put it in this way instead of actually quoting him. We really have no idea what the context of his words were.

    • Anonymous

      I agree… Where did Davis say that he “can’t stand” Kobe’s charisma and poise?  Its like when Gasol said that KGarnett wasn’t as quick in a game, and the reporter claiming that Gasol said KGarnett was too old to play.

  • Gregory Gaylen

    Davis has displayed on-court and media interview immaturity in his young career.  He’ll learn, maybe.  But until then, he, KG, Ray, Pierce, they’re all “1-time NBA Champions” …  Kobe has FIVE and an opportunity to snatch another due to poise (competitive greatness)… Lakers 2012!

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  • PSI_Stepper

    i am guessing we wont sign him this off season lol

  • online sports betting

    LOL!!!  a compliment indeed.

  • laffsatu

    poised after he misses shots,yes kobes very poised.

    • riley

      damn yo faggot ass still here shouldnt you be in NY getting ready for a wedding?

  • Anonymous

    The only reason Kobe gets inside Big Goofy’s head is because he can fit up in there! And his mouth is always open, slobbering, so it’s easy to just accidentally slide in.