ohnoesssL.A. Times: They came, they saw, for once they didn’t conquer.

By the time the Celtics arrived last week, the Lakers had worked themselves into such a state of indignation, complaints included not only Boston fans’ rocking their bus in the playoffs, but Ray Allen’s ringing insult as he accepted the team’s ESPY at the summer awards show here:

“Another win in L.A!”

If that was an insult, the Lakers are lucky to ever make it out of town anywhere they go, with Phil Jackson zinging everyone in sight, like last spring’s lighthearted jibe at Paul Pierce’s dramatic return in the NBA Finals after leaving the court in a wheelchair.

“We were just having a good time,” Allen said before the Christmas game. “It wasn’t trash talking. It wasn’t anything.

“The game is going to be the game for what it is today. They’re a good team, they’re one of the best teams in the NBA, we’re one of the best teams in the NBA.

“I don’t think they, nor we, need motivation to play this game.”

That’s how different the teams are.

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