It’s an “official” Derek Fisher day!

ESPN: The City Council celebrated Wednesday as Derek Fisher Day in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Lakers point guard who likes to shoot from downtown was honored downtown at a City Hall ceremony where he was praised both as a player and a role model.

“I was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas,” Fisher told the council. “I moved here at the age of 21 and so everything that I am at the core of me is an Arkansan.

“But from the age of 21 to now 33 I’ve primarily been a resident of the city of Los Angeles and the state of California and the biggest part of who I am as an adult male, as a person, the things that I believe in, the things that I’ve come to believe in, and support and want to fight for have been because of this city.”

Fisher said he thought he could call himself “a Los Angeleno, a Californian.”

“I have a California driver’s license. I pay my taxes,” he said to cheers from the council.

  • dezmond

    Happy B-Day Fish great to have you as part of the city!!!!!


    How about the whole year we celebrate D.Fish.I’ll continue to pray for your daughter and family.

  • Michael_23

    Where did eat some sushi come from? Is that his favorite dish? I eat it all the time.

  • daboss1848

    fish, sushi . . . nevermind

  • Michael_23

    Oh … what a stupid headline to this historical day then …

  • mplakers

    .04 is a good leader and stabilizer for this young team but, damn those shoes are UGLY DFISH. it’s like looking at ab4sure cozying up to dwade….nasty nasty sight.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #28596 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Bynum is my favorite player… what is with you??? go back to your prison buddies..

  • ab4sure

    BTW, MP.. haven’t seen you on the shoutbox in a couple of months. I know you got run out of their the last time you were on by several people. Is that why you haven’t gone back? So now u do these drunken hit jobs where you don’t have to face the music. Very cowardly MP, goes with your nature. Raja bell would be proud of you.

  • lakers4life

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    its not his b-day..

  • Mr. B-DAY

    we need to trade fish for a decent pg like marko jaric?

    hmmm do i see a trade?

    *wink wink*

  • kobe bryant

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    sushi is fish as in the animal that swims in the ocean

    [Comment ID #28602 Will Be Quoted Here]
    hey!!!!!!!! never trade fisher, he took a $7 million paycut for Tatumt

    and he is a laker for life.

    marko jaric is a multiposition player. he is mainly point guard but he can also play SG and SF

  • mplakers

    hey ab4idiot,

    1)name the “several” people.

    2)i don’t give a crap

    3)oooooo cowardly, ooooooo i am shaking in my boots over a few typed words…oooooooooo i am very afraid of vocabulary and sentences…


  • ab4sure

    Just hide MP.

  • 187 ON BOSTON

    i didnt eat any sushi. but i think im covered cause i did eat some pu$$y last night. does that count????????????????


    How valuable is Fish? I don’t know where we would be without him. Even if he is shooting poorly you can still count on him in helping the lakers win.

  • Michael_23

    Don’t forget D. Fish is clutch. Remember, whenever we’re in a rut, D. Fish will nail that 3 pointer in the 4th quarter. That’s what we missed so much the last 3 years.