This is a loss for the Cavs. Mo destroyed the Lakers on Christmas and will, unfortunately, miss tonights game.

USA Today: Cavaliers starting point guard Mo Williams will miss Thursday’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers with a sprained left shoulder. “It’s tough,” Brown said. “But I like the guys in this locker room and I’m confident other guys will step up. It’s part of the business. You hope he gets better soon but you have to keep going forward.”

  • lakeb

    NO EXCUSES CAVS. we didn’t have the WALTONATOR on christmas

  • BoredatWork

    Just going to give the cavs an excuse

  • drive-for-16th

    Doesn’t matter whos playing whos not, we still got to beat their ass. lets get this win, Play with heart , play with passion, victory will be ours.
    Go Lakers!

  • thanhttrinh

    this is obviously an EXCUSE ! fuk the Cavs !
    because they fukin know that we gonna destroy them tonight and thats why they said Mo wont playing as an excuse for the loss
    No way Bitches !

  • joshLA

    Mo decided to sit this one out because he knew the game wouldnt be like the one on xmas day. Now the cavs can justify the outcome if they dont win. ALthough, last year we played at cleveland and one w/o drew and 40% of kobe so a win should b a win nomatter who plays.

    How can phil not put too much importance on this game, I’d be wanting to get even big time (hopefully the whole squad is too)…

    • joshLA


  • lakeb

    mo didnt wanna play because he knew luke walton would be back. so he got scared

  • LkrsFanToNgtive

    thats good news for us last time him and west torched us from beyond the arc so go for us i say

  • Whatsa

    Lakers are going to win and the Cleveland Lebrons are going to say that it was cause Mo Williams wasn’t there.


    Good…Fisher won’t get ate up again! Oh n Mike Brown is the worst coach in the NBA

  • Chris Manning

    Mo Williams will be out 4-6 weeks.

  • thanhttrinh

    4-6 weeks ? thats good, so we can run away from the NBA Standings, imma try to imagine that if the Cavs lost Mo, how they would be ? oh shyt ! like the fukin Celdicks loss 3 on a row lmao