A CD of "Chickisms" was released with his book of memoirs in 2004 and this CD included a rap song by Chick, mixing his Chickisms.

Matt Barnes was arrested because of domestic violence. He will appear in court on Monday.

Boston Celtics coach, Doc Rivers, hasn't let go of the Finals loss, saying "it still hurts."

Derek Fisher will attend the opening day for the New Orleans Saints to address them in the locker room on what it takes to repeat as champions.

Rookie Derrick Caracter has decided to ditch his original jersey number, #58, and will now wear #45 instead.

Derek Fisher will be a guest host on "Jim Rome Is Burning" to interview teammate and long time friend, Kobe Bryant.

Bow Wow, confident the Miami Heat will win the Christmas game, has bet $25,000 on it against George Lopez, who says the Lakers will win, with the money going to charity.

The 51st birthday of Magic Johnson is celebrated today.

Newly inducted into the Hall Of Fame, Scottie Pippen and Karl Malone give their opinion on who the NBA champions will be, both picking the Lakers.

Lamar Odom answered some questions about how long he intends to play in the NBA, with the answer being around Shaquille O'Neal's age.

The Celtics will play the Lakers on the 30th of January for their first meeting of the season and Shaq's first meeting with the Lakers as a Celtic.

8 years to the day of his passing, we remember Chick Hearn.

Rappers Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg laughed at LeBron going to Miami, saying it won't work because the Lakers are still the team to beat.

Kendrick Perkins who went down in Game 6 and hurt his knee said he won't play in Game 7 and will watch from sidelines.

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