Nation Discussion: Do you guys think the Jazz fans will boo "Hot Rod?"

Nation Discussion: AI a Laker?

It's a known fact that the Suns are interested in Lamar Odom, as are the Spurs. The question is this, would you perform a S&T with Odom to receive Amare in return?

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Nation Discussion: Will there be suspensions?

Nation Discussion - will Kobe never win a title if he doesn't this year.

Nation Discussion: Should Phil rest the starters?

Phil Jackson has now said he will retire after next season. How does this affect the Lakers?

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Nation Discussion: Bring Robert Horry back!?

Nation Discussion: Fouling when you are up by three points!

In a recent interview, Tracy McGrady discusses his 1st round woes and potentially joining Kobe "Jellybean" Bryant and his Lakers after his reign with the Rockets is over.

Many people have speculated who will take over after Phil retires... One name that has always come up is Byron Scott.

Nation Discussion: Should the Lakers pursue McDyess?

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