On the latest episode of Voice of the Nation: Fastbreak, David Brickley and Jason Riley ask the question: If you owned the Lakers, what would be your very first move?

After convincing wins over the Cavs and Bucks, are the Lakers finally showing signs of turning their season around? David Brickley and Jason Riley discuss. Be sure to watch the video for your chance to win a Lakers titanium bracelet from Phiten!

With almost half the season gone, the Lakers continue to struggle. Voice of the Nation: Fastbreak hosts David Brickley and Jason Riley try to make sense of it all.

If the NBA playoffs were to start today, they would not include the Los Angeles Lakers. David Brickley and Jason Riley discuss on Voice of the Nation: Fastbreak.

With a disappointing start to the season, this Lakers team is soul searching. Led by Kobe Bryant, they must rise from the darkness to reach greatness. The NBA thinks it's safe... they are NOT.

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Dwight Howard is featured in a new NBA ad showcasing the league new set of Christmas Day jerseys.

Since being named head coach of the Lakers, Mike D'Antoni has partially implemented his system... but should he be getting the credit for the Lakers recent surge in offense? Brickley and Riley discuss.

With Mike D'Antoni running the show, can Pau Gasol survive as the Lakers starting power forward or will they trade him for a big man that can play a more fast pace game?

It's been a whirlwind 24 hours for Laker Nation. When the dust settled, it was Mike D'Antoni - not Phil Jackson - filling the head coaching vacancy left after Mike Brown was fired last week.

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