Despite the late push in Oakland, the Lakers weren't able to stop the red hot Warriors.

In an all-too-familiar scene, the Lakers build a large lead and once again fail to maintain it.

Fatigue set in on the second night of a back-to-back for the Lakers.

In their second game in a row without Kobe Bryant, the Lakers showed they are more than just a one-man team.

A Laker loss in Atlanta is punctuated by an injury to Kobe Bryant. Will this season ever have an upside?

No amount of boos or hostility in Orlando could sway Dwight Howard. He dominated the game as only he could.

Dwight Howard led the defense and Kobe Bryant led the offense against a depleted, but scrappy Bulls team.

Another deficit, another day - that's how the Lakers treated this game to start, but Kobe Bryant led the way to victory in the end.

Down by 25 points? No problem, says Kobe Bryant, as he and Dwight Howard lead the Lakers in a furious comeback to win in New Orleans.

Kobe Bryant's valiant effort was simply not enough, as the Lakers dropped one to the Thunder in Oklahoma City.

What is that? Yep, it's .500 in the Standings. The Lakers got there by winning a close one against the Hawks.

The Lakers roll to an easy victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Despite another big night from Kobe Bryant, the Lakers fell to a Denver Nuggets team who was faster, stronger and more determined to win the game. And at a time when it mattered most, the Lakers' free throw shooting didn't help.

In their first game since their team owner passed, the Lakers put on a show that would make Jerry Buss proud.

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