Have you talked to Phil about the current depth chart within the team?
Yes. We’ve met everyday since he’s been back, which has been about three weeks now. We talk every three or four days during the summer and of course he doesn’t leave for the summer until the summer has actually begun. There’s really not a (long) period of time when we’re not in communication. There might be six weeks when he’s out of town and we talk every three or four days in those six weeks. Sometimes every other day, sometimes three or four times a day. So we communicate frequently.

We are deep at every position and I think that’s good when it’s on paper, having said that, not everybody can play (gets playing time). We’re curious for training camp to begin. We’re going to let the guys figure out who plays and doesn’t get to play beginning Tuesday in Hawaii. That’s going to sort itself out. We do feel that we have 14 guys that all want to play and the likelihood is that some of them won’t get to play. Phil’s going to have to narrow down the rotation to eight or nine players. I suppose you can play ten from time to time, but because of our depth I can see where maybe a couple guys that think they should be playing won’t be playing. That may be something we need to address.

You’ve said that you expect to go with this team into training camp, what’s the next opportunity to make a deal? What needs to change so that the opportunity to trade becomes open again?
Our approach now is not that different than our approach at anytime prior to the beginning of training camp. We’re not looking to make a deal just to make a deal. Because we didn’t finish on a positive note last year we were more aggressive in the off-season and we will remain aggressive, maybe more so than you normally would be. But we’re not going to succumb to making a move just to make a move or because there is the illusion that the Lakers have to do something. We feel that we’re a good team and could be a very good team. Our goal in making a move, you would hope that you’re not making a move that would make yourself a worse team. So in our case, you’re looking to make a move that would make you go from being a good or a very good team to a great team. Those moves are hard to come by. We’re going to look to make that move, but they just don’t appear. You can make a move to make a move, there’s a bunch of those we can do, and we could do a bunch of things with players that may not play a lot of minutes, we can make those moves. But it’s our feeling that if you’re going to make a move you should think that it’s going to improve your teamI.

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    is it me or in every picture of mitch he always that dumb founded look on his face like he has no idea whats going on???