caught up with General Manager Mitch Kupchak to discuss the 2007-08 Lakers as they head into training camp next week. Check back for part two tomorrow. Has Kobe reached out to you and Phil and other teammates?
I don’t know if he speaks to his teammates, I assume that he does. I know that he and Phil have communicated and Kobe and I have also communicated, recently.

Who looks most improved to you as a result of their off-season workouts?
It’s always hard to tell by looking at guys in pick-up games. All our guys work hard during the off-season. I know that physically people will see a difference in Andrew (Bynum) because he worked hard during the off-season on his body and his conditioning. Whether or not that translates into being a better basketball player we’ll find out starting next week. I know Chris Mihm has worked very hard and he looks close to being the same player he was 2 years ago. I don’t worry about Luke Walton, I don’t worry about Kobe, and I don’t worry about Fisher. I don’t worry about Jordan Farmar and I don’t worry about Cook.

Ronny Turiaf played with his national team, France, for the European Championships and I am little bit concerned that he will be a little burned out when the pre-season begins. He played well this summer, but he played a lot of minutes. I was hoping that he’d get some rest before camp. It remains to be seen.

Kwame had recovered from his 2 off-season surgeries and has been playing very well for the last month of so here at the facility. I don’t worry about Maurice Evans. He’s in San Antonio during the off-season.

Lamar had the second surgery on his labrum and he’s not scrimmaging yet and he’s not doing a whole lot on the basketball court so I don’t know how much he’ll participate in training camp. He’ll be there; he’ll be on the court. But is he scrimmaging or is he working at the side basket doing dummy offense and dummy defense, we don’t know right now.

Most of our guys, when they’re in town, come by and they’re in the gym. Some of our guys live in L.A. and they’re always in the gym. With the exception of Lamar, because of his injury, everybody is ready to go and they look good.

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  • fatty

    Not a big fan of Mitch’s, but I feel he his always honest and as forthright as he can be when discussing Lakers.

    After listening to him Mon. on KLAC, my new name for Mitch is “Mr. Excitemnet”. He is a tad bit low key.

  • Tim-4-Show

    “and I don’t worry about Cook.”

    Mitch, are you serious? This is a joke right? RIGHT?? Tell me its a joke!

  • foxxy


  • Lakers2410


  • Lakers2410


  • Michael_23

    “and I don’t worry about Cook.”

    Mitch, it’s time to start worrying about your job if this season doesn’t work out. Worry about the rookies you signed up this season and yourself.

    The reason why he’s so low key and doesn’t say much on that interview is because he hasn’t done much. I didn’t listen to the interview but ca mon. What’s he really going to say? Nothing. Put Phil on, he’ll tell you the truth. He’s true to what he says. When the Jason Kidd rumor came about he truthfully came on ESPN and told everyone that he doesn’t think it’ll happen. He sounded upset too or discouraged. And he said a few weeks ago that the FO really needs to make a big move to appease him and Kobe. Phil, Kobe, Kurt Rambis really tell you what’s going on within the FO and what they feel inside their hearts.

    Mitch and Jerry west said it publically after Kobe’s outburst that they will do what it takes to make the team better. Training camp is next week. Promise broken.

    It’s common sense in the business world. If you don’t like the position your in or where the company is headed, you leave. If management isn’t treating you right, then what can you do?

  • fatty

    Mo not working out at Lakers facility all summer. According to Mitch Mo works out in Texas.

    Nothing wrong with that, but didn’t Mo go on a tirade of players not being together. We all in this together thing to promote team unity.