What are your goals for this season?
Just to come in and contribute, to help the organization any way I can, doing whatever the coaching staff and the front office want me to do. Just play my role.

Have you spoken with Phil about what you specifically need to do this season?
Not into specifics yet. We have spoken casually on and off over the summer, but nothing specific. I look forward to getting into training camp.

Do you have a role that you’re targeting, at least in your mind? Something that you want to do?
It tends to be a little different from what they want, so I try to keep that loose and just roll with it. I’ve worked on my game a lot and run really hard this summer so I am just ready to help out.

What have you specifically worked on over the summer?
A lot of catch and shoot and defensive stuff. In this offense, the triangle, you get a lot of opportunities to just catch and shoot, but you don’t get a lot of time to play with the ball and do stuff off the dribble. So I’ve really been working on my shot, making it more consistent and more efficient. We’ll see how it works out.

Have you worked with Fisher at all?
We’ve played a few times this summer. He’s a great guy, going to be a great addition to this team.

Have you learned anything from him thus far?
Just a level of professionalism. How he carries himself, how he comes to work everyday. That’s something that can rub off on all of us.

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  • Michael_23

    I knew Jordan idolizes Steve Nash. He’s been working on his shot which is great. It’s too bad we have to remove much of the running game and off the dribble skills where he was efective at UCLA because of the traingle offense.

    That’s why Gary Payton (which he could still run at the time) didn’t fit so well in the system. The triangle doesn’t have much of a running game; I just think utilize Jordan Farmar where his strengths are at.

  • foxxy