Celtics backup PG injured his wrist. Here’s a report…

Boston.com: Celtics backup point guard Sam Cassell is day to day after spraining his right wrist in Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday night. He has been doing some occasional icing.

Cassell is averaging 4 points and 1 assist in 19.1 minutes per game during the first two games of the Finals. If Cassell can’t play, the Celtics have veteran guard Eddie House, who has not played in the Finals. Boston rookie point guard Gabe Pruitt has not played in any postseason games.

  • daboss1848

    House could be their next out of nowhere bench player turns superstar . . . Rondo has not played well out of the Garden, so expect House to get some minutes.



  • D Lo

    OH great, another 3 point shooter for the Lakers to leave open. I’d rather have E.T. Cassel play rather than House.

  • http://lkaers.com laker4564153

    I HATE THAT ALIEN HEAD DUDE he shows off 2222 muchhhhhhhhh

  • LakersFirst

    Cassell is so old that if he hurts anything on his body it’ll turn to dust.

  • http://www.deluxpro.com LakersTickets

    NO sympathy for the Celtix.. sorry!!!

  • Showtime

    Have the Cs forgotten that they have a miracle worker and healer who worked his magic on Paul Pierce’s “knee injury” without and MRI. Pierce was able to play both games like he was a 21 year old. Then again, maybe it was the adrenaline that Pierce had is what allowed him to play. Will someone drive Cassell to DisneyLand or Universal Studios to pump him up and then he will play just fine. Who knows he might end up making the game winning 3 for the Cs to take a 3-0 lead!

    “Thats what she said”