Switching to A.C. Green’s number. Interesting move Derrick.

Twitter: Lakers roster update: rookie Derrick Caracter has decided to wear jersey # 45 instead of originally planned # 58.

  • Copying Twitter Now

    This blog is pathetic . . what kind of f*cking post is this?

    • http://thetruthrenaissance.wordpress.com/ BE_A_LakerFan

      You’re pathetic for that asinine comment. Don’t come on here with that negativity. If you don’t like the blog don’t visit.. it’s as simple as that.

    • slap em

      seriously they’ve been coming up with nothing these past few days and now this???? I’m sure the lakers arent sittin in their couch all day so they must have somehting to report about. but come on, who gives a @#$% bout caracter

      • Say Queensbridge

        its the offseason after Big NAMES of free agency and the draft… get used to it

      • nath

        LOL so don’t watch Lakers game, if Caracter become a core in the future you should eat the shit you say to day

  • 242LakerFan

    Hmm…AC Green, huh? There was never a Laker who worked harder to get more out of what he had to work with. That’s a big set of kicks to try and fill there, DC. “Effort” better be your catch word from here on in. If that’s the inspiration, I like it a lot.

    • http://TheVerveNerve.com Rich

      AC GREEN ROX MY SOX! :cool:

      • laughoutloud

        You look like AC Green, Bitch dont call me anymore!

        • lebrongay

          Lol 2001

  • rondo

    Punk Mother go away! You negative ass hole.

  • lakerfan

    its the amount of minutes he will actually play this season. 58 seemed too much.

  • andy

    jordans other number ;-)

    • Mr. Anonymous

      But not the one that counts.

  • Robert.

    Great! and so ? ………….. so ?
    nah just kidding. I’m sure it means a lot to Caracter. 45 PPG? 45 RBG? 45 APG? Ok, no ‘statistical’ reference. 2 angles of a 90 deg Triangle? Ah ! the Triangle .. that’s it!
    Caracter will fit well in the Triangle offense. He’ll stand 45 deg from the PG.
    OK, not very interesting post, but hey …. better than nothing.

  • rondo

    Robert! What the hell are you talking about?

    • Robert.

      Sorry, was just writing filler. I don’t really have much to say about this topic that hasn’t already been said. It seems like it only needs a one-liner comment about it.