Sometimes it gets difficult to keep your concentration during the press conferences.

  • lakers2000

    Gasol: It would be sweet to win the championship.
    Odom: Yeeeahhh.

  • Kam Pashai

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    LOL, Odom: Yeeeah…. sweets.

  • lakers2000

    Gasol: We would be on the parade bus throwing candy to the kids.
    Odom: Yeeeahh. Kids throwing candy at our bus.

  • thisbedo

    Pau: this is how i’m going to drive my new bentley
    LO: Maaaan i knew i should have stuffed some gummi lifesavers in my pocket

  • lakers2000

    Gasol: Wheels on the bus go round and round.
    Odom: Who can make the sun shine on a cloudy day. The candy man can!

  • j

    gasol: barcelona nights!
    odom: chocolate rain…

  • richsun247

    Gasol: I really want the championship ring!
    Odom; I really want to meet Willy Wonka

  • odom_6thman

    Gasol:dam i wanna hump jeanie buss
    Odom:take her to the candy shop


  • Laker 2009 Champ

    Gasol:dam i wanna hump jeanie buss
    Odom:take her to the candy shop



  • xtro

    Pau: This series is over. Termina.
    Gasol: Me gusta dulce.

  • bassti

    Pau: Phil said I may drive his Toyota Prius if we win the championshop…
    LO: Phil said I may take whatever I want from the Staples candystore if we win the championship…

    BTW: The Prius-story is real. You can see it in the ‘kobe doin’ work’-movie. There’s a prius standing in the garage next to all this Astons and Mercedes. I bet it belongs to the ZenMaster himself…


    Pau: At least we wont be swept!
    Odom: I actually played well in our only victory!

  • 123kid

    no caption. but listening to the interviews and someone had japanese candy or somethin gor lamar and lamar got all excited! that guy cracks me up!

  • ariza24

    Gasol:Yea Howard how u like me now smack 2 da face ‘
    Odom:I sure could go for some candy rite about now

  • RoWyN

    Pau: Me gusta el sushi.

    LO: They all think I’m in sugar crash mode but I really just smoked a fat blunt.

  • west213


  • scoobs

    lamar: man… it feels like I’ve seen this TLN post somewhere…

    pau: dang it! they stole it from yahoo! sports ball don’t lie page!

  • pslakerfan

    Pau: Am I in Europe or the US??? Damn, I should be on the other side of Lamar.

    Odom: Falling asleep………need more can……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Pau- “How do you say parade in Spanish?”

    LO- “Snickers….yummmmmmm”

  • George

    Gasol: Wanna Get High?
    Odom: Yeah Sugar High

  • RoWyN

    PAO: “Uh-oh… wet armpits… don’t panic Pao-pao and quietly play it off….”

    Lamar: “dhaaang… I can smell Pao’s armpits again….. LIKE CANDYYY HAHA”

  • sketch

    stop jackin my posts!

  • sketch

    REPORTER: “Just one question… Disneyland or Disney World”?

    Pau: “Disney World”

    LO: “‘Cause we’re gonna win it in Orlando”!

  • rkellyfitz

    Pau: If I keep staring like this at Rachel Nichols will she finally let me ask her out? She’s dreamy…

    Lamar: T.J. Simers looks like a Pez dispenser–mmmm, Pez…

  • JohnJohn

    Pau: Shake it like Christina Barcelona
    Odom: WTF

  • Fireworld

    Gasol: “Because, see..We’re in the drivers seat now.”

    LO: “Mmmmm, Japanese candy…”

  • Felix Wong

    Gasol: To get stronger, I practiced milking a cow at a chocolate plant.

    Odom: Yum.. Chocolate…

  • ilikebasketball

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  • ilikebasketball

    Gasol: For the Fourth time! …I’ll have Farmar in my left hand and Brown in my right… Whoever comes quicker gets more minutes.


    Rashard here and Hedo here and Turkey Glu Came!

    Odom: Muthafuckah never invites me, I’ll get my own peanuts.

  • Robert

    Pau: I used my fists like … this … when defending
    the post. What? Really? Punching is considered a foul?

    LO: Next question please. Um .. ok, that giant snickers
    bar over there? Oh, it’s you coach, sorry about that.

  • sam the man

    Pau Gasol’s favorite tune: “killing you softly with my dong (means strokes in spanish), I mean song.”

    “Pau is just another mexican from Spain”

    Lamar Odom’s Favorite tune: “Love is like candy on the shelf (locker room).”

    “Lamar is a brother from another mother”