Caption This: The Hug

    Shaq and Kobe greet since Shaq asked him how his “ass tastes”.

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    • kobe124

      Shaq: “I’m Sorry lil fella, Can I come back?”
      Kobe: “Tell me how Nash’s ass tastes?”

    • kobe124

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      Kobe: “Tell me how Nash’s Canadian bacon tastes?”

    • K0be08-09

      Shaq: So How is Life
      Kobe: Nothing Much……. MY TEAM ROCKS


      Kobe:”Don’t touch my A#% M’F'ER”!!!

    • jason420_7

      kobe: “its my turn now”
      Shaq: “ right”

    • pr0mega

      Shaq “That purple always looked GREAT on you!
      Kobe “Funny, this purple never looked good on you and neither does taht purple to be honest…”

    • skim.

      Shaq: Please take me back.
      Kobe: Suck a dick you fat sack of shit.

    • tamir

      kobe: your ass tastes like a victory parade in downtown L.A
      Shaq: really? damn I miss that taste

    • kb24_1OVERJORDAN

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      lol now thats funny

      (music in the background)
      Reunited and it feels so good
      Reunited ’cause we understood
      There’s one perfect fit
      And, sugar, this one is it
      We both are so excited ’cause we’re reunited, hey, hey

    • xtro

      Shaq: See ya in 2010, dog!
      Kobe: Fo’ sho’

    • Flobe24

      Kobe: Tell me how 9-1 tastes!

    • deemac1

      Shaq: Good to see you man! looking good. So in 2010 I think Im ready to come back!

      Kobe: Um yeah… About that…..

    • Michael_23

      Maybe the Lakers can hire him as a Mascot.

    • e-bucher

      kiss kiss

    • Lakers4Life

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    • lakrfan4life

      shaq: kobe, may i have this dance?
      kobe: only if we tango!

    • sketch

      shaq: hey kobe, 24…is that how many points you scoring tonight?
      kobe: 32…is that how many lbs you put on since training camp?

      * man, shaq’s lookin like oliver miller man…he is a fat f**k now!!!

    • gugy

      Shaq looks like a cow. He is sooooo fat.

      No wonder Bynum looks like a skinny kid next to him.
      Shaq must be close to 400lbs.

      After he retires he will reach 500lbs easily! :-0

    • sketch

      kobe: yo, you gonna know how my ass tastes tonight.
      shaq: …

    • xtro

      Shaq: See ya in L.A. 2010.
      Kobe: I’m a be in Greece,!

    • lakerschamps09

      lol i like all of em… but damir’s and extro’s are funny rofl.. lol hahhahaha

    • http://deleted Miguel

      Shaq: Yo, Kobe it was just a Joke.

      Kobe: Nah Man Your Still Gay For Even Saying “Tell Me, How My Ass Taste’s”

    • seafoam

      kobe: baby come back!
      shaq: you can blame it all on me, I was wrong and I just can’t live without you>

    • Peace

      Kobe: That’s why I f***** your b****, you fat motha

    • Michaelmichael

      shaq” Im Hungry”

      Kobe “want some beef

    • basketbolista!

      shaq: i miss the purple and gold uniform.
      kobe: really?
      shaq: yeah!
      kobe: you s*ck!

    • golakers75

      so shaq how much money did u give your wife to come back

    • ameaters42

      Shaq: I told you you couldn’t do it without me.
      Kobe: Oohhh I’m getting there.

    • as1084

      Kobe: damn man I can’t even wrap my arms around u anymore!
      Shaq: yea..yea..I know. Hold me up dawg!

    • yash

      Kobe: I still f-ing hate you.
      Shaq: :(

    • SamV

      You wanna battle?

    • Jay

      Kobe:I aint 4got mothaf****

    • kbfan24

      Shaq- Kobe, tell me how my a** tastes.
      Kobe- It has the taste of great success B****.

    • jayson

      Shaq: “How my ass taste Kobe?”
      Kobe: “I wouldn’t know, I’m too busy winning games.”

    • True Lakers Fan

      Kobe: Shaq how does Nash ass taste
      Shaq: Well Since He Drop the soap

    • mr.laker19

      Kobe: Like a sweaty hippo.

      Shaq: Really? Ill shower next time, promise.

    • Mitch4Pres

      Kobe: You know Shaq, to be honest your ass was actually rather flavorful, but keep that on the down low.

      Shaq: I’m glad it was a positive experience for you. I know it was for me too.

      (but no homo though)

    • 123kid

      shaq: u like my shaqacologne!
      kobe: shyt stanks homie!

    • david gamboa

      SHAQ: i missed your sweet ass, lil’ fella.

    • Jhun

      Shaq: So how does it taste?
      Kobe: I don’t know, but I can tell you how your wife’s tasted. Gooood.

    • iskerfan567

      Kobe:How about last night

      Shaq:Don’t snitch on me again!

    • Jake

      Kobe: “It tastes like a whooped ass, bitch.”

    • Dan Andreas

      Shaq: So how’s my ass taste?

      Kobe: Probably tastes like a couch since all you did was watch me play all the way into June.

      Shaq: Yeah, made me a sweet ass-groove in it, too. Wanna join me this year? We can start watching in mid-April this time!

      Kobe: No thanks. I got plans…

    • lainok

      taste’s like 38 year old washed up crybaby who can’t go a day without burning every bridge he’s ever been on. It tastes like that. That and…vanilla scented lubricant? shaq you haven’t changed one bit.

    • aggressive expansion

      shaq: jelly or syrup?
      kobe: I PREFER SSSSYRUPPP!!!

    • DubG87

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      foo you gotta stop quoting Pac

    • DubG87

      Shaq: “So Kobe, how does it taste?”

    • Paul

      Shaq: May the force be with you, Kobe.
      Kobe: k?

    • Moses

      Shaq: How does my ass taste Kobe?
      Kobe: I wouldn’t know fat boy, why don’t u go ask Raja Bell

    • yellowpurplefever

      Kobe: Did you watch the Olympics? I was the “the most recognize NBA player” ever to play in the Olympics(more than MJ and the kid LeBRONZE, get it). And now ya wanna be friends again, hold on..can you wait? I have a billion plus new fans that I have to response to in China alone. Maybe we can do “Dim Sum” next time.
      Shaq: Do you have Jack Nicholson’s number? I have a script !!

    • Evil Empire

      Shaq: We can dance if we want to. We can leave your friends behind. ‘Cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance, Well they’re no friends of mine….

    • lakers2000

      Shaq: Kobe, tell me how my ass tastes?
      Kobe: like pork chop, washed up, past the expiration date, Dwayne Wades member, Bynum’s post move, Phil Jackson’s boot, Shawnee’s pump, pork rinds, Steve Nash’s dribble, and Laker Nation nutz!

    • thisbedo

      Shaq: baby i’m sorry sorry take me back..
      Kobe: dont do this… i have to move on

    • Mada

      Shaq. Tell me what u think..
      Kobe. Umm.. is that Calvin Klein what youre wearing?