Well, they did play together for many seasons… sooo… yeeeah, this is perfectly fine. Best caption gets a hug from Josh Powell.


    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL… this picture is hilarious
    Pau: Jeez i missed you
    Mike: I miss you too… Ive been longing to get a touch of your ass again.

    BTW: Pau has been great and consisten night in night out this season. Im happy for him

  • DWinsRings

    Pau:Omg Kobe is way better teamate than you
    Pau:DOnt worry i will show you my ring too

  • http://deleted Miguel

    Pau:What You Want For Xmas?

    Mike:To Be A Laker!

    Pau:Hush Hush Lil Baby,Hush Hush, Santa Will Take Care Of That.

    Mike: Yes, I Sure Do Wish…

  • lakerschamps09

    hahah ok this is just funny.. mike is grabbin a hand full of his butt.. and pua is holdin his head like its his child… lol

  • Farmars_inner_Jordan

    Pau: (queue Boyz II Men) Close your eyes, make a wish…

    Mike: Lets watch 16 candles tonite, please?

  • aggressive expansion

    mike: i just wanna say…
    pau: shh,shh,shh i know, i know… let’s just,let’s just (sigh!) i don’t know how to quit you

  • sketch

    LOL!!! this is too easy…i’ll leave it for you guys!!!

  • xtro

    Mike: any chance i can join this Lakers team?
    Pau: hush! we’re gonna tried vlad and luke for you, so STFU!

  • Maor Barsano


    Pau: Get The Fuck Away

  • johnshel

    Pau: Im sorry you have to be with this crap team for three years.
    Miller: (Hollding back tears, trembling) I just wanna go home. :(

  • bruno

    “My disciple, the Lord forgives you.”

  • jki

    [Comment ID #56942 Will Be Quoted Here]

    haha…omg u had me on the floor

  • neekero/lax24lyf

    where gasol and miller happend

  • skew

    pau: did you watch that new movie bolt?
    miller: ya, it was totally awesome. i miss going to the movies with you.

  • yash

    mike oh u like it when I grab ur booty like that

  • lainok

    I wish I knew how to quit you. But you want to know a secret ( Pau whispers)…winning is awesome.

    • Kam Pashai


  • Miller

    “put it in me”


    lol! too close for comfort!

  • darkice18

    Mike: I missed you…

    Pau: Im here now…shhh…shh…

  • kab818

    PAU- (quietly sings enrique igelsias)- “I CAN BE YOUR HERO BABY!”

  • DonJericho

    You had me at hello….

  • jbaby

    im gonna fuck you too

  • kb24

    Mike: dont look now, but is that david beckham sitting courtisde
    Pau: Ya ill introduce you two after the game, but is that a flashlight in your pocket??

  • p a

    Small Forward. . . I want this small forward.

  • mo_altarhuni

    no homo

  • Maor Barsano

    “I Can Love You Like No One Can. I Can Be Your Superman!”

  • Dracul

    “Shhhh its Ok Mikey, its ok Shh don’t cry. The US economy is in a depression but I can flee back to Spain when the food riots start and FEMA declares a milliary dictatorship and instills martial law!”

  • yellowpurplefever

    Pau: I missed the smell of your hair
    Miller: I have been growing them for you, but now you cheatin’ me with that thing “Machine”, I hate you, I hate you.
    Pau: don’t believe the paparrazi, and the Enquire. This town is full of them just Seaquest!

  • zayd

    Mike: (mumbles something) waaaaa waaaa this is worse than memphis without you
    Pau: Shhh babe I'll make it better

  • RoWyN

    LOL… i just saw this thing…Hahaha

    “Ooohh you smell so good!!!” — (like sushi!… haha see Ice Ice Baby!)


    Mike Miller: “Waahahaa!! Why did u leave!!! Wahaa!!”
    Pau: “Don’t worry, daddy’s here now!”