Anyone want to take a stab at what these two could possibily be discussing?  WE’LL DO IT LIVE! I would think that O’Reilley must have asked Mamba about that Kobe/Gasol ’08 campaign… right?


 Kobe Bryant, pinhead or patriot?

  • lakerfan81


  • Grammar Patrol

    Bill would probably be mad that his last name was mispelled. But then again, this website has all sorts of spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. How embarrassing.

  • p()()P

    Bill: I dont like black people but i like you…

    Kobe: lol thanks cracka

  • nikka down the street

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    dam rigt mufugga we in dis b1tch all day errday…i dun give a fukk

  • Taylor

    Lol, Kobe’s hanging out with a FoX.

    My tag:

    O’reilly: Would you like to come on my show for an interview?

    Kobe: (thinks to self) If I keep laughing, maybe he will start laughing and stop talking.

  • Sparky

    O’reilly – So, I’ve been participating in insider trading for years now. . . . .

    Kobe – Lol, that’s what Marth. . . see you on the news.

  • mr.laker19

    Oreily: Have fun playing ball you monkey

    Kobe: Ha ha hell white mother fucca!

  • pb2000

    I cannot stand Bill O’Reilly! He isn’t any different than Rush Limbaugh. Well, John Stewart ripped him last week. It’s a must see:

    (As Keith would say)”Worst People in The Wooooorllddd”

  • Jay D

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    l0l funniest one

  • True Lakers Fan


  • Sean All Ivy

    Kobe, How do you feel about luffas?

  • Michael Perez

    Bill O’Reilly is great. Tells it how it is and is fair, unlike the biased msnbc etc…

    Bill: My irish celts beat up on you last year. haha
    Kobe: Keep laughing O’Reilly… your wife wasn’t when by black mamba poisoned her!

  • llama5492

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    Haha, Nice one. :P

  • Tupac Shakur

    Kobe only has an inch on big Bill…


    Bill: Check out the blonde with the big rack in the fifth row.

    Kobe: You little devil, you (chuckles)

  • Grammar Patrol

    Edited, but still mispelled…


  • RoWyN

    Bill: I don’t mean to brag but I have a BIG FAT…
    Kobe: Hee hee he he….
    Bill: …. love for basketball. What’s so funny Kobe?
    Kobe: Ahem, nothing.
    Bill: Well, let’s exchange numbers, yeh?
    Kobe: Just dial *69 (**wink**)