Personally, I have no comment regarding this photo. Knowing the kind of captions you all give on a bi-weekly basis, this could be an awful idea. Children be warned. Best caption wins yoga lessons — compliments of Mr. Garnett…



    Well well. What do we have here?? Kg bending over pierce must be near!

  • Jaime Quintanilla

    Garnett does his best impersonation of Goatse (don't google that).

  • dub824

    “okay, come rape me kobe”

  • dub824

    “okay, come rape me kobe”

  • ab4sure

    “My wife shows me this Yoga pose after every home win. It is called the downward facing dog. She get downward facing me and I act like the dog”. This is truly a yoga pose and it is called the downward facing dog. A very nice shapely girl explained this pose to me. Tell KG that I would like his personal female trainer to help me through these yoga lessons in his Malibu home. Thanks Kam

  • WSLaker


  • James

    Shaq, how does my ass taste?

  • Big Nick

    just get it over with…fast.

  • lainok

    nope…even upside down the scoreboard says we lost. damn.

  • Lakers 24 7

    “Peek-a-boo, I see you”

  • Logic Guy

    It’s a yoga prayer for Phil not to change anything.—-KG knows what they will do to this lineup the next time and in a 7 game series. KG especially likes (1) Bynum not working too hard for position under the basket (Actually, I think he is upset about not being involved in the offense.) (2) He likes Walton starting and playing 27 minutes (Walton can’t guard anybody in the Celtic lineup and they don’t have to guard him. If you play 27 minutes on the winning team and have a +/- rating of -2, that means you are playing for the other team. (3) Keep Odom’s minutes down, that dude can hurt us.____ Luckily Kobe played the smartest game of his career as a playmaker, ball handler, limiting shot attempts and no 3 pointers and he pulled down 9 boards. KG has to be praying that Kebe’s brilliance does not continue to overcome Phil’s fodder.

  • gugy

    Go stick it on my @ss Kobe.

  • Whatsa

    Fine, I admit, you guys do kick our ass.

  • Greg

    Paul and Ray….I’m ready!! Which on of you guys first?

  • lakerschamps09

    hahaaha i aint gonna say anything its funny…. ohhh ummm we should also caption this pic..

  • 50 Cent

    the crowd: “whats that smell?”
    Garnett : “Did I do that?”


    Great to see the original posting style, back! …MUCH BETTER!

  • CG

    I see you! lol

  • xtro

    Oye, Jose Calderon! Estoy listo!! Donde estas!

  • imfasterthanur

    No need for a caption.

    The win was more satisfying than this anorexic homosexual gremlin named Garnett


  • Billy Kupchak

    “Please turn this frown upside down.”

  • cjm

    “POP! damn, that was close, I almost couldn’t get my head out”

  • Brandon R

    Ah the brain ok two kicks in the a s s

  • YO Lakers

    Where 92-83 happens.


    Hey LD2K what’s up with you making celtic videos???

    I was trolling on redsarmy and they were giving you props for a video of theirs?

  • mauriceaj

    ” Kobe, tell me how my ass taste “

  • Pegulan

    KG to self: “Why did Doc want me hide like an ostrich?”

    3 minutes later: “How long is this going to take?”

    3 hours later: “Where have all the people gone?”

    3 days later: “Why are Golden State players here?”

    3 more minutes later: KG – “WHAT?! A TECHNICAL FOUL?! I’M NOT EVEN PLAYING!!”


    Later that night:

    Stephen: KG. What happened big ticket? Why the pose? Why not just leave the facility and call it a day?

    KG: It is what it is and that’s what it was.

    Stephen: I understand that, but how do you feel?

    KG: What more can you say? What can you say now?

    Stephen: Moving forward, how do you guys bounce back? Can you?

    KG: *breathes heavily* ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

    Stephen: What do you tell the guys in that locker room after this? What does KG say?

    KG: I feel like the Commodores. I feel like the Commodores.

  • Omni


  • Moses

    KG (to Pierce and Allen): “What you gon say now? What can u say now? Anything is POSSSIBLE!!!”

  • ThE NeXt FaRmAr

    im bending over for you lakers to give it to me up the ass like i like it. especially bynum haha

  • Willow

    Thank you Lakers! May I have another!!!!

  • dom1020

    Im not captioning, but funny how redsarmy was mad when sasha was pumped after the win talkin bout "oh they took the game way to serious" well look at KG in this photo.

    • Kam Pashai

      Saying that the Celtics didn't take this game seriously would be a complete and utter lie. It was pretty obvious just by looking at their intensity.

  • mihailicious

    “one more month of yoga and i can finally suck my own apendege”

  • L.A.K.E.R

    Credit goes to SaintNicholasVanExel from the Forums:

    Getting ready for domination

  • DWinsRings

    "Kobe tell me how my ass taste" -Garrnet
    "Gasol, heres your chance"- Kobe
    Sasha comes and kicks him on his ass
    "Gasol i never knew you had it in you"-Garrnet

  • DwinsRings

    my bad
    that 3rd line is gasol not sasha

  • Maor Barsano

    "ok who wants to jump?"

  • david gamboa

    now who wants to pin the tail of a 30 year old man?

  • kab818

    Wheres Ray & Paul? Im tryin to have a lemon party!

  • Dave

    Get in field goal formation. Maybe we can kick it in.

  • Omni

    KG: “I’m bending over as far as I go and I still can’t see how far Minnesota has fallen since I’ve left.”

  • Rafael Branco

    My buddy joker made this 3 versions :p, hope you guys enjoy it

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    KG-“Hey Snoop, can I be in the video of the song you just sung? I’ve got a nice body!”
    Snoop- “Merry Christmas hoe!”

  • lainok

    “might as well stay in this position for golden state.”

  • TNLakerFan81

    Hey Doc, How long do I have to do this? Losing still hurts!!!

  • TheCelticsLakers69position

    Be the Bamboo.. Break do not bend… ERRR???

  • RoWyN

    [Comment ID #57111 Will Be Quoted Here]

    haha… thats creative.