Kobe: ALL ABOARD! Next stop… Denver, Colorado!
This image always gives me a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Whomever comes up with the best caption here gets to rest on the TLN bench and ice his (or her) knees.



    Capta: Sorry Morrison you gotta actually break a sweat in order to need ice

  • Mitch Kupchak

    Adam Morrison: I want ice toooo…. =(

    Shannon Brown: Fuck the Ice. I’m a LAKER!

  • Bizdady

    Adam Morrison: “Someday Ill grow up and get my own ice too!!”

  • kwame4mvp

    luke doesn’t need no ice… he plays like 15 min. haha

  • pau

    Lakers are so on fire that they had to be iced down

  • Day

    Kobe “put em up, put em up ! “

  • axeaddict

    LA is all about fashion trends
    Obviously Adam Morrison and Shannon Brown are new to LA

  • http://rivalmedia.tv Chris Ekstedt

    the only thing cold on the lakers squad…. everything else is on fire!

  • http://rivalmedia.tv Chris Ekstedt

    or just “the only thing cold on the lakers squad….”

  • jellybean

    “Hey Adam, this is how you take a shit”

  • imasmartman

    Starter Treatment

  • The_Truth

    Luke: I dont need this I’m a bench warmer

  • jellybean


  • Pb2000

    Hey Morisson(a.k.a. stache), maybe when you get rid of that Salvador Dali mustache, you’ll get some ice!

  • imasmartman

    The game is in the refrigerator. The lakes are on ice.

  • RoWyN

    “Look, they put one on me by mistake!”

  • Kruze

    “No ice for youuuu, No ice for youuu”

  • Pau Gasol

    Save the Tacos DJ, I’m hungry.

  • eagleslakers2011

    Idkk..but I don’t even think that ice can cool down our LAKERS

  • RoWyN


    “Cross him on the right, then behind the back pass to myself, dum di dum di di dum….”

    “I wonder if this guy ever shuts up?”

    “Uh oh, kobe needs his self-love control meds again”

    “My finger still tastes like sushi… luvitt!”

    “Hehheyy!! Thats me on the big screen. Hi Mom!!”

  • imfasterthanur

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    LOL. At first I didn’t know what in the hell you were talking about, and then I looked at the picture and put it all together. lol good stuff

  • imasmartman

    Luke: Look! I actually don’t have a seat. I’m levitating.
    Lamar: Yeah!
    Kobe: Adam, you’re too close buddy.
    Adam: I need some of your sweat.
    Fisher: These guys crazy.
    Pau: Ima play my harmonica.
    Shannon: Haha!

  • supermaor23

    did KG give u something to swallow?

  • TheCelticsLakers69position


  • killua24

    [Comment ID #63180 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • portman

    kobe: yo adam, do you mind judging this new dance step i’ll be performing tomorrow night at the 12th annual lakers talent show?
    adam: no, not at all, i mean, i’m trying to develop friends here, go on.
    kobe: very well, (dances) yeah… work it… you like that?… uh!
    lamar: i know, i know, luke, it’s just that sometimes phil — oh, dam– look, kobe’s showing it to the new kid.
    luke: wha– oh my god, this is embarassing.
    (fish turning his head)
    pau: derek, derek, no, ignore him.

  • lainok

    Kobe: this is what joseph looks like when he’s gettin it from KG

    Fish: he should stop leaving comments about it and come borrow some ice from us to put on his ass

  • lakerschamps09

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    lmfao…lol ahhahaahahhahhahah…
    thats winner rite there….

  • Joseph

    ice ice yellow baby

  • Gary in Big D

    Adam Morrison may be Vanilla, but he’s no Ice.

  • sketch

    Kobe: “The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round…”