New weekly post here on TLN. We’ll post an image and you guys give us your best captions! Pretty simple, right? We’ll see how this goes. Lets start it off with this one…

Caption away!…

  • Sako

    Tony & Derek together: So which show tune should we sing?

  • hZm

    “And this is how baby Butterflies are made!”

  • mikedeezy2k8

    “If you’ve slept with Eva Longoria raise your hand.”

  • chinese guy

    “we swear we didn’t fart, go ahead and smell…”

  • The Nugget

  • Phant0M

    Deezy got the WIN

    haha shiiiet!!

  • drake hunter

    Throw us the dildo!

  • hZm

    [Comment ID #32709 Will Be Quoted Here]

    (notices Lisa Estrada raising her hand too)
    … Uh oh.

  • Lakes on 3!

    Simon says…FREEZE!!!!!!!!

  • cfresh

    “Lets unite our assholes!”

  • Lakes on 3!!!

    Check their shoes for speed enhancers!!!

  • kisofdeath

    look ma no hands

  • e

    “this is not what u think it is!”

  • mplakers

    derek: “i told you we have bigger balls”

    tony: “you got me, you got me…”

  • http://Bob Bobdobalina

    Oompa loompa doopudy SSS AAAH!!!

  • ZenMaster23

    “Sychronized flopping”

  • nazanin

    derek: “i want the ball..pleasee!!”

    tony: “noooo!! i want itt!! give it!!”

  • mena

    “open your legs and here comes a butterfly”

  • varsityoptimism

    Derek Fisher and Tony Parker prepare their Rhythmic Gymnastic Routine for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. They will perform to “I Honestly Love You” by Olivia Newton John.



  • mfoznot

    Derek and Tony will do anything to distract the crowd from Desperate Housewives ad.

  • domz

    Derek: Snap!!! If there were no refs, I might just kicked your balls buddy…

    Tony: Bring it on!!!

  • yash


    It looks like two girls using a dildo and havin it but, this time its Derek’s and Tony’s.

  • john from oc

    Derek Fisher’s thoughts on shoe promotion: “I’m telling you, Kobe jumping over a car was great, but this… this is brilliant.”

  • Sopi

    french kiss….

  • krzyjin

    “yo tony, i see that photographer lookin at us. let’s bust out our pose!”

  • Jenz

    Dancing With the Guards

    Derek: Damn, Tony! I was supposed to slide, THEN you catch me.

  • http://deleted Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Imagine the Baller that would come out from those two… Heeheehehheh…

  • kobewannabe

    hey man we should do this more often!

  • derrick

    “I need to use the bathroom!”

    “No, me first!”


    “Jack, save me first”

  • lakaluva

    TLN is TWISTED!!! LOL. I like it. “Get in here Eva”

  • osm0nd

    “My bum is on the french, my bum is on the french, look at me, my bum is on the french”

  • JV

    Mirror Image picturing Up-Incoming to Superstar

  • LakeShowtime

    And a 1, and a 2 and 3, now!!! Aaaarggggh!!!, Tony, dude, you where supposed to spin me, then throw me and catch me, wtf?!!!….. Man it’s better practicing with Eva, you suck!!!!

  • kb24fan4life

    Lets scissor!!!

  • e-bucher


  • sammy

    “Anything you can do, I can do BETTER!”


    This is our impersanation of a field goal post.

  • goodfella

    “Hey Derek, now I know why they call you fish.”

  • lafanfromindiana

    Throw us the dildo is the best one with Nuggets video a close 2nd.

    “See guys we look hotter than Mutumbo giving Mbegna the anal finger shake!”

  • Shaq786

    ‘where “I didn’t do it” happens’

    hahaa… if i had to choose between what has already been said… it would be raise your hand if u slept with eva… +1

  • xtro

    Tony Parker: “Yo, You ain’t Eva!!”

    Fish: “I am 0.3 seconds, baby!!”

  • pr0mega

    Left hand on BLUE, left foot on YELLOW…

    Tony, you’re out.

  • Kobe 4 Life Nikkas

    if u think tony parker is a fag “fisher raise ur hand!!!!!”

  • Peter

    “Double Penetration”

  • kobe4ever

    STOP! MY @$$ IS ON FIRE!

  • lafanfromindiana

    “Besides John Amaechi , who knew this is how Ginobili strained his groin?”

  • Jonny

    “Now this, THIS is safe sex”


    i thought of that immediately hahaha

  • e-bucher

    Broke Back Montain Part Deux

  • Edmond

    Simon says Scissor!

  • mr.laker19


  • RC

    Pass me the ball! I’m open!

  • eddyngo

    what is tony looking at?!

  • deez nuts

    Tony: “My team sucks, maybe if I look like Derek Fisher they’ll mistaken me for him and i’ll play with the Kobester. Vive la France!!!”

    Derek: “Man the Spurs suck, maybe if I look like Tony Parker, Eva will mistaken me for him and give me a “French” kiss.”

  • kb24 4life

    if tony wants fish, its ok, i will stay with eva longoria…lol

  • betafish

    “Come on, Babe
    Why don’t we paint the town?
    And All That Jazz”

  • lakaluva

    Fish: You see Tony, this is how its done; you also have to look at the refs like a puppy dog to get that flop call.

  • willow

    Derek: Whomever’s ass a monkey comes flying out of wins the championship.

    Tony: I don’t think I can compete against that. I’ve only got butterflies coming out of MY ass.

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    “Is this the penetration, our Coaches were talking about?”

  • LA Ball Talk

    Congrat’s Tony, you’ve wasted all this time throwing both of us to the floor and now we’ve wasted another minute when we could’ve given us the win and gone home happy… Perhaps Eva can make you feel better later tonight…

    Daniel –

  • michael burton

    [Comment ID #32709 Will Be Quoted Here]

  • xtro


  • kobedasnowman

    “Now Eva you get in right in between us”

  • kobedasnowman

    “and we will both pick a hole”

  • betafish

    THOSE are not Spirit fingers, Tony. THESE are Spirit fingers.

    And These… are GOLD.

  • theLAKESHOW122

    “Do you want it in the butt, in the butt!”

  • dilip

    Sorry tony but here in LA, we are straight.

  • Newtdog

    Theres Derek in the back of the class dying to get the teachers attention to answer what the capitol of France is

  • Anonymous

    Tubgirl anyone?

  • ignard

    Deezy and then Hzm, freckin hilarious

  • Four eL

    Tony : “you can deree-lick my balls”

    Derek : “I can deree-lick my own balls”

  • kobe-wankenobi

    TP:hey derek, smell my fart!
    DF:no tony, mine are worst, take this!!!!!!
    TP: nooooooo ahhhhhhhh cough cough

  • n9

    the passing of the torch

  • Thomas

    The best one I read was raise your hand if you’ve slept with Eva Longoria…LOL

  • cfresh


  • laker fan

    FISHER & PARKER: anyone willing to smell our sweaty asses?
    LADY AT THE BACK(raising a hand): me! me! me!
    MAN IN A BLACK SHIRT: eew….disgusting!

  • 187 ON BOSTON


  • mauriceaj

    [Comment ID #32809 Will Be Quoted Here]

  • Billy Kupchak

    “Bet’cha my ASS CHEEKS are bigger/wider than yours!”

  • xtro

    “And here’s to you, New York, New Yoooorrrkkkkk!!!”

  • KeepinItReal

    You show me yours and I’ll show you mine!

  • kPoAbUe

    Kobe 4 Life Nikkas
    Apr 14th, 2008 at 11:55 am Click this link to quote this comment in your reply

    if u think tony parker is a fag “fisher raise ur hand!!!!!”

    tony raised his hand to lol..

  • xlakers09x

    if u had s** with eva longoria raise ur hand!

  • RoWyN

    Look… a butterfly!