Big Bynum seems to be returning to form. Bet Mutumbo has seen a lot of this in his 42 years of playing!


  • baltimoresbest01

    “Hey Vladdy, this is how you MAKE a dunk.” -Bynum

  • xxv112002

    He’s been focusing on his offense lately. But he seems to be forgetting about his other responsibilities like rebounding which we need as a team. Lets look at his stats starting from the Indy game:

    Lakers vs Pacers:
    Bynum 20pts 1blk 5rebs

    Lakers vs Heat:
    Bynum 24pts 1blk 6rebs
    *Note* against a small Heat lineup.

    Lakers vs Rockets:
    Bynum 11pts 0blk 1rebs
    *Note* 1rebs in 27 mins of action? Josh Powell had more (2) in just 12 mins of play.

    Lakers vs Spurs:
    Bynum 18pts 1blk 3rebs

    Notice those games were all close games. Rebounding would’ve helped. I’m not necessarily blaming Bynum alone. But he has responsibilities which he needs to focus on for the next game. Lakers have offense. We need defense. Whatever happened to the Bynum of last year who said “I love getting the fu**in rebounds” He needs to work on his all around game to be considered as an All Star. So Bynum, we’re counting on you man. Do Work!

  • DWinsRings

    “Another Aline?” -Scola

  • fabz24lakers


  • Nick Spears

    “And Two!”

  • xtro

    In yo faces!!!!

  • ryguy2303

    This is a proper Red Rocket Sandwich..enjoy!

  • lakrfan4life

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    i thought he said “LO’s getting all of the phukin rebounds out there”

    i might be mistaken…but i doubt it

  • Bynomite

    Can I please get a Foul?

  • ph33shy

    “wow andrew your hands are really soft!”

  • Freshh

    Give me the watch

  • vibe

    Gotta U biacth

  • supermaor23

    “If you’ve slept with yao’s wife raise your hand”

  • Razor Ramon

    isnt that laundry and scola that drew is dunking on?? why do you mention mutumbo?

  • ecstyle483

    “High Fives!”

  • roscoe

    he said LO is getting all the phuckin rebounds, not i love getting all the rebounds, referring to odom

  • JT

    I know men generally don’t like facials, but Luis Scola seems to be addicted to the Bynum fascials. Seems like Landry tried to get one too but instead he settled for the piggy back ride.

  • Milo

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    duh! because Mutombo is know to be a “shot blocker” but in reality all he does is get away with fouls because the league officials feels sorry for his old ass and that is what scola and landry did they got away with a foul…


    Bynum sucks. He is a young player who is counting his money. Trade him now for someone good. You all know I am right so let the trade begin. We have to do it soon to. Trade Bynum for Kidd. We can throw in Vladdy and Luke. Do it Mitch!