This is funny stuff. S-Jax is still jawin’ about Kobe.

Picture 1NBA FanHouse: “I’m not going to bow down,” Jackson said. “I’m not a fan of Kobe. I’m not somebody who looks up to him. I’m a grown man myself. So when I go out there and play the game, I play the game. I feel like I’m just as good as him. I might not get the publicity or notoriety he gets, but I feel like I can play with anybody in the NBA any given night.

  • OhYouKnow

    what an idiot

  • KING

    “as good as him”…yeah… in your dreams cap’t jack-off lol

  • Mitch4Pres

    whatever you say young fella

  • gugy

    let the dude dream…

  • kid24

    lolll ure very funny young fella !! what a fool…thats just scilly…c’MON this dude is not even in the same league as k24

  • JohnJohn

    Steven Jackass…..I know a non playoff team when I see one and guess what? You been promoted to Capt to sink the Warrior Ship.

  • PP34

    Who cares about these two clowns. We all know that Paul Pierce is the man!!! Paul Pierce owns Kobe. Kobe coudln’t do anything against him. PP=KB stoppper!!!

    • http://am570radio phil buss

      Hey, you f**cking celdick homo, dont you have anything else better to do than hang around LAKERS sites? This shows how f**cking gay you are.PP=PRIMADONNA

    • betamax_13

      and still kb24 shoots the ball,makes the shot in the face of paul pierce…you know what is the edge of pierce on kobe and the others?? acting and drama abilities…he should be in the hollywood not in the nba!!! and pls. say this to the celtics community,they are one of the greediest team ever,acquiring rasheed just indicates how scared the celtics are competing with lakers, because garnett already said that they will be the champions again..and pls.say to them stop making predictions,just play basketball.they are not paid to presict..what a fool you are..

      • betamax_13

        kb24=pp34 nightmare.
        he will not be the mvp of a me!!

        • KevinGarnettGivesPaulPeirceMadCrazyDomeAndScreamsPutItOnMyFace


        • lakerfan4real4ever

          Paul Pierce is just as outdated as the video format that you are promoting with your username…OLD,useless and you can find that garbage in any flea market…That’s the problem with you Celtic fans,you guys live in the past…time to move on don’t you think…

  • Bshawk

    Jackson is the man! When it comes to being Kobe’s spring board for dunks that is.

  • PP34

    Laker fans, not feeling you. If you think objectively, Paul Pierce is a better baller than Kobe. Just wait and see. Celtics will win 75 games and a title this year.

    • http://am570radio phil buss

      No freaking way! I think the celtics could suck KOBE dick 75 times! Win a title ?In your dreams!Kobe will “PP” on #34 all day anytime,anywhere.—what a lame franchise, they had to get 1 more all star to make it total of 4, to beat the LAKERS. LMAO

    • JohnJohn

      PP = biatch….this just in the wire….Red Sox got swept, the Patriots are done….and the celts….well…..they will loose in the first round against the sorry azz Bulls….LA all day baby

      • desecrator93

        I bet this guy was on the verge of suicide when the Halos swept the Red Sux haha

    • Lakers 24 7

      lmao @ the Celtics winning 75 games. You been playing NBA 2K10 too much.


      75 games? Hey Retard, you can’t include games in the 2008-2009 season even though they’re part of this year! Pudgy Pierce is the new Vlade Divac! Even Gay G thinks that’s fcukin gay! And your PP34 stands for PUNCTURED P U S S 34 times (in a day)! Get the fcuk outta here you fuckin homo celd!ck b!tch from Cockston!

    • LAKERMAn101

      75? lol u guys wont even make the finals, btw kiss pp34 goodbye once his contract is up cause the way he’s talking he’s not gonna wanna stay in your piece of shit town…I bet u dont even live in shitty ass boston huh? just a bandwagon fan, its cool man we have those too

  • Wow

    Anybody who thinks PP is better than Kobe is a straight moron and doesn’t know anything about basketball. I dunno y I am even wasting my time responding to that LOL. Lakers will go 70-12 and will repeat!

  • socal.s


  • WifelovesLuke

    Why So Serious?

  • Short Dog

    Stephan Who? Paul Who? Who gives a fuuck!
    Its all about Kobe and the Champs.
    Stop dreaming sluts and get off the Laker Nations Sack.

    • Short Dog

      That’s whats Up.

  • Lakers 4 Life

    Lakers will go 98-0!

  • Anthony

    No, Mr. Jackson, you’re not. Simple statistics will prove this.

  • SD Anthony

    Kobe burned pudgy so bad once in the finals that he had to fake a knee injury and be carried off the floor to a waiting wheelchair.


    Paul Pierce has come out of the closet!!!!

    After realizing that he and two other hall of famers took 6 games to beat a team missing two vital championship pieces he has a break down and realizes that his window of oppurtunity has closed and that only one ring with two HOFs on ur team is for chumps. Therefore he decided to finally admit his preference for Kobes dick which explains his thespian ways in the finals. Only a homo comes out in a wheelchair in the NBA finals. grow some balls and walk it off son.

    In other news…..who is Stephen Jackson again??? was he one of the little kids from Kobes camp?

  • groovymichael

    I wouldn’t say that ‘Captain Jack can hang with anyone on any given night. I must that when Stephen Jackson is on, He is ON. I forgot how many years ago was it when he played against kobe in Golden State (either 2 or 3 years), but I have NEVER seen anyone stay down as well as Stephen Jackson when kobe put up his infamous multi-pump fakes. Seriously that night, I felt like nobody could have defended kobe better (not artest, not bowen and HELLL no not pierece)

    • Short Dog

      Kobe will light this biitch up for talking all this shiit. He’s only making his/her ass look hella stupid. Every Laker fan knows this lame can’t hang. If you want to give this fagget props you shouldn’t call yourself a Laker fan. Bottom line. Lakers 98-0 like Lakers4life said.

      • calmdownbigboy

        Being a Lakers fan doesn’t mean we have to disrespect and hate on every other player.. grow up kid.

        • Short Dog

          Listen up you mature hoe. He disrespected Kobe first. I don’t LIKE other teams. I don’t HATE them. Iam grown. Its just a comment fagget. Don’t be disrespecting me bitch.

          • Short Dog

            You don’t sound like a laker fan. Are you that lame that calls himself green machine. get out of here ranker. Laker For Life #1. Get off the band wagon.

  • ricky

    jacko is whacko…”as good as kobe” yeah right!

    anyways…i was thinking about adam morrison and i know he probably won’t get much playing time but as i was running through my head of players comparable that adam can be compared to, i came up with probably the closest match…mike dunleavey jr. they have about the same body type basically and both are versatile shooters…not to mention they both white lol…but if adam can improve and turn his “bust” label around and ressurect his career to be like mike dunleavey jr. then i think he will be good enough for nba. he would be a consistent shooter and he’s actually a pretty smart player. if adam can improve to be like dunleavey jr, i would be so happy because he is like instant offense when he gets going. go lakers and here’s to adam improving and getting healthy and better. go lakers

  • Robert

    I actually liked the Pacers team back in the day, with Jackson, Artest, etc. The Brawl at the Palace was overrated, and the punishments (esp. to Artest) were too severe. Artest, however, learned from this, and now is on the Championship Lakers. Jackson never learned this. Nelson gave him a chance, and still does, and Jackson is still a loose cannon. He should channel his anger to playing better. Look at Artest! He will be a beast this year, and Lakers will kill every team.

    On the other hand, no team will want Jackson. He’s shot himself in the foot. He’s got a nice size contract, and so nobody will trade away their ‘stuff’ for a potential loose cannon. He’d have to average 28 points a game and 10 assists in order to overcome his current negative perception.

    Kobe just threw a little lighter fluid on the fire. C’mon, Jackson, it’s just trash talk. Be a man. Play the game. You’re
    a f**king millionaire with a rare opportunity to do what you love, and get paid $$$$. Stop behaving like a 2 year old. You’re not even 1/1000th of what Kobe is (Kobe is now acknowledged as a top 10 ALL TIME player, by our friend J.A. Adande, and I predict he will make it to top 5).

  • Real ballers know

    to the laker fans aka kobe fans, don’t even acknowledge people’s comments that say someone is better than kobe. they have no idea what they are talking about. Giving them a response is just a waste of your time because if kobe’s skills and accomplishments weren’t enough to convince them, then you probably won’t be able to either. You’re probably responding to a 10 year old kid who doesn’t know much about bball. So again, please stop wasting your time trying convince people because deep down they know the truth, but are unwilling to admit it because of their biased opinions.

  • lemay33

    Kobe still rapes women