Cap’s Blog: Speaks on Drew’s Status

    Kareem speaks out on questions on Lakers, Bynum. When asked about Bynum’s progress, the G.O.A.T. had this to say…

    VideoBlog: Question: What is the status of Andrew Bynum’s rehabilitation?

    Kareem: I’ve had several questions about Andrew Bynum and his progress and his rehabilitation. Andrew is coming along just fine. We don’t know how long it’s going to take, but he’s going to take whatever time it needs to get completely well and then I expect him to be back with the Lakers and dominating the paint. That’s what I trained him for and I’m so happy to see him doing well at that. Thanks for your questions. I’m sure Andrew appreciates your interest.

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    • Michael_23

      Wow, Kareem, the greatest center of all time, will now be the greatest video blogger of all time?

    • Jack

      So, let me get this right: The G.O.A.T. is teaching drew about rebouding and Gasol about hook shots. This makes a hell lotta sense. I always wanted gasol to take that hook, rather than drew. Gasol’s perimeter shooting is amazing for a 7footer, almost impossible to block, and can you imagine how gasol will be after drew returns. He will be in a comfort zone and start shooting.

      DANG. Lamar, Bynum and Gasol are gonna kill the boards until we get what we want.

      BTW, Kobe’s MVP is looking in a little jeopardy. That Chris Paul is kinda making things happen. It’s not good for Kobe’s MVP route. However, Kobe would rather want a ring, right?

    • Nabil

      Kareem rocks. I bet he’s teaching some mean ol’ Bruce Lee tricks. Bynum will be the final level enforcer just like in “Game of Death.” Except hopefully he won’t be killed by a little Chinese dude.

    • Wong63

      He needs to give gasol sum tips on defense so he can learn
      how to defend the paint too cuz he is looking kind of weak out there

    • Michael_23

      You guys agree that Pau Gasol is just as good offensively as Tim Duncan?

      Duncan may own him on the areas of defense such as bodying up, blocks, and boxing out. But if Kareem can teach Pau these things that would be so much awesome. Bynum already carries those defensive traits.

    • LakersFirst

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      Offensively, Gasol is very similar to Duncan, although the way Duncan uses the backboard for his bank shots is pretty impressive.

      If Kareem can teach Gasol how to defend a little better, it would help. I think Kareem has done a good job of making Bynum a better defender.



    • Phant0M

      yessir yezzir


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      pau will eventually be as smart as duncan as a basketball player, and he will hit that hook shot from 12 feet out consistently, and he is quicker so he should be the best power forward in the league. when you have two bigmen, one who can, hit mid range shots and one that can score in the paint, one will be open.that along with kobe and lamar’s incredible passing and drive the lane game, and derek’s threat from the perimeter, it will be very difficult to double team and that will lead to more scoring. that and our great bench. 2008-2012 nba champs


      Wow look at these lakers[Comment ID #27964 Will Be Quoted Here] not only that but we have the best bench in the league, farmar the machine, ronny, and air-iza, lamar will improve as well now that pau is on the team

    • ab4sure

      Pau is a very good player who is an all star. Duncan is a great player. A superstar. Duncan can control the game on both sides of the court. Too top it off Duncan is the ultimate team player on offense and defense.