Looks like Matt Barnes is getting ready to release these new shirts:

From Matt’s twitter: Coming soon!!! You feeling them???

The “Killah Bee’s” or “Killer B’s” is a nickname coined to the exciting bench of the Lakers in Steve Blake, Matt Barnes and Shannon Brown.

  • LakerMarc

    THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME and I want one NOW!!!!!!!!!!! I hope they’re available soon.

    • LakerMarc

      By the way for the last couple of months I was forgetting about the Killah Beez thing because frankly, they really weren’t playing like them anymore…but since the last 3 weeks or so,,,,THEY’RE BACK..WELCOME BACK MATT!!! GOOD TO SEE STEVE GETTING IT BACK AGAIN!!!! SHANNON HAS BEEN MORE CONSISTENT!!


  • emad

    what about Lamar?

    • Cheryl

      “B” stands for Blake, Barnes & Brown. I love Lamar but since when does Lamar or Odom start with a “B”?

      • emad

        Ah. I thought “B” stood for Bench. Thanks, Cheryl.

        • LakerMarc


          • Nick

            Emad you must be a fake ass FAKERS fan. Everyone knows that you dumbass!

  • Mr. Anonymous

    It’s actually Bryant, Bynum, Brown, Barnes, and Blake. We have five Killah Bees!!!

  • 242LakerFan

    I love this…except what’s with the apostrophe? Didn’t we learn in grammar school that one does not use an apostrophe to pluralize a word?
    It would be correct to say “B’s”, but “Bee’s” makes no sense.

  • Steve Blake

    Steve Blake does not count. Steve Blake is not a “killer bee”.

  • bbz62

    i feel what you’re trying to do here, but im sure some sick graphic artist could piece up something nice, edgy and more marketable then that.