Now THAT would be dynamite:

ESPN: Mbenga’s high-flying teammate Brown has been hush-hush about his slam dunk plans for Saturday night other than revealing that Bryant will be involved as a passer on one of his attempts, but Mbenga said on Wednesday that he’ll be on the court for another one of Brown’s throwdowns. “It’s going to be a lot of jumping around,” Brown said. It had better be if he hopes to clear the 7-foot Mbenga.

  • ampatuan

    pls dont do that shannon. we are all to bored for the same old dunk.

    • 242LakerFan

      Yeah ’cause every year it’s “I’m jumping Mbenga” “I’m gonna jump Mbenga” “No, I’m jumping over Mbenga”!
      It’s gotten sooooo ooooold!

      • LAKESHOW1

        Yeah, maybe Shannon Brown should jump over some random fat guy with glasses instead.

        • pauer

          Thats harsh man, I dont think you should be making fun of anyone based on their appearance.

        • 242LakerFan

          Your level of maturity humbles me.

        • papa

          hahaha game over!

  • ampatuan

    id rather see shannon brown doing the human cannon ball in the all star dunk contest. . . that would be epic. haha

    • xxv112002

      Haha lets just hope he wouldn’t end up like that guy you showed us.

      Hell yeah, Mbenga’s gonna participate in the All Star!! Who wouldn’t want to see Mbenga??

  • Quidnunc

    Forget the dunking, we know he can do that. I want to see Shannon hold two basketballs in one hand.

  • kbfan24

    If I was Shannon, i would personally choose Pau Gasol. But hey, seeing DJ at All Star Weekend would be pretty cool.

  • drive-for-16th

    he should do statue of libert jumping from the free throw line. lol

  • drive-for-16th

    statue of liberty

  • Drive_forFive24

    no offense to DJ (love ya man) but I think that would fall flat with the “hollywood” crowd

    • http://TheLakersNAtion Marwan..

      Naw, I would say DJ would make a great appearance. Dallas will show him love since he played for them before. Plus he deserves an opportunity like this, hes a great man.

  • Robert

    I think I saw footage today of Shannon Brown in his high school dunk contest (against LeBron). Did anyone see that? He was ‘unreal’. Apparently he didn’t win that (I think LeBron won that).
    Wilbon predicts that Shannon Brown will win the dunk contest.
    Shannon is a great role player for the Lakers, and although some on this site have complained that he isn’t a ‘complete’ PG, his acrobatics and ‘timely’ contributions end up sparking the offense. He’s as close as we got to Ariza’s athleticism on this team. Glad he’ll be on the Lakers a few years.
    Go Cannon!!!! Win that Trophy!!!! Kobe will be proud.

    • 242LakerFan

      I’ve seen that. The only reason he lost was that he missed one dunk. He had LeBron beat, but he beat himself.