Voice of the Nation hosts, David Brickley, Jason Riley, and Kevin Figgers kicked around the trade rumors earlier this week before all the drama went down on Thursday night.


  • Who Should the Lakers trade for Chris Paul or Dwight Howard
  • Better fit fot the Lakers: Chris Paul or Dwight Howard?
  • Can Lakers land both Chris Paul AND Dwight Howard?

Question of the Show: Who’s a better fit Chris Paul or Dwight Howard?

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  • gean

    i don’t want pau to leave ! )=

    • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

      Did you see the playoffs last year?


    the new deal said there has been some minor tweaks in where we give up ebanks and character but we also take on okafor’s contract. if deal goes through its possible but not likely we can use okafor as another piece with bynum to land dwight. but since orlando is already trying to get rid of another big contract in turk, i just don’t seem them wanting okafor. bynum alone would not entice orland to make a trade when nets are offering brook lopez and two 1st round picks. i say chances of us landing both. 10% and thats me being optimistic. haha i would love to see both come our way though.


      the tweaks i mention are just speculations of heard so far so haha yeh. its possible but im just not sure.

  • nbAmazingKb24

    howard over cp3

  • Elliot_hr

    I am from australia so i dont know to much about this but i love the NBA. Would someone please answer this question. Is there any change that they would trade Pau and Bynum for dwight and nelson? Or that they are walking away from CP3 so that the Hornets are on the back foot and come after them? Please answer! Thanks