We haven’t had a true point guard in years. Would Baron be the perfect fit? Uh, yeah… Sound-off in the comments and tell us what you think!

Fox Sports: After his breakout postseason, Baron Davis is looking for long-term love. He’s got two years and about $33.5 million left on his deal with Golden State, but could opt out after this season — which he says he’ll do if he doesn’t get an extension signed in the next couple weeks. Obviously you can see why the Warriors wouldn’t be rushing to commit a lot of years and money to Baron; as good as he is, the injuries are always an issue. But there’s no way the Warriors contend without him, so they’re in a tough spot. If they don’t re-up with Baron, do they try and trade him around the deadline to get something in return? What are the chances Baron ends up in his hometown L.A. with Kobe?

  • kingkb24

    im tired of these things that will never come true