O.C. Register: How far is far apart?

Lamar Odom is believed to be seeking at least a $10 million contract from the Lakers. The Lakers aren’t willing to part with that kind of dough because of salary cap and luxury tax issues. The deal the Lakers were reportedly offering was for around $7 million.

But the sides might not be as far apart as that. Ronnie Lester, assistant GM, told me Saturday he heard the Lakers are now offering “a little north of $8 million.” He also said he expects a deal early next week.

Stay tuned.


And Ramona Shelburne from Inside the Lakers had this say on her Twitter account…

Source from Odom’s camp said deal not complete, but expected to get done next week sometime.

Things are “looking better,” Odom source said.

  • crazypostman

    this seems to be good news and im so excited to hear it. we need the candyman back in LA this year with ron kobe pau and drew. an odom deal is big news and i check TLN, forumblueandgold, and espn daily hoping for contract news. cmon mitch. odom sacrificed to play the role we needed him to, i know we cant do 10 million a year but we gotta give a player as important as odom his due. mitch for prez cant WAIT for the season to start.


  • Mal

    THIS IS VERY GOOD NEWS! Now let’s get things going for next year

  • 242LakerFan

    This is progress I’ve been waiting to see. The fact of the matter is that LA can win without Odom, but it will be MUCH easier with him. On the other hand, among the possible alternatives for him, the best chance of winning is right back in LA and he knows it. They’ve reached up toward him, let’s see how far down he’s willing to reach with that in mind.
    LA+LO=repeat/3peat. Then let’s talk about Kobe v Mike.

  • lakers2good

    I remember players of yesterday and how they made lots of money so they no longer played for money but for championships.They would take less to allow the teams they were playing for to bring in ALL-STAR players.I do not fault any player in the league right now for going after the money,but if you want real fame,even though it is not fair,you are going to be measured by championships!!!!!

  • johnnyb

    This broke on twitter about 6 hours ago. Step your game up.

  • http://www.vidaguerrasbutt.com/vida-guerra-playboy-picture-a_17.html#pic daboss1849

    With Portland making Milsap an offer, Lo has just ran out of options to play with a contender for more than the mle. Lakers have his pothead azz now and should lower the offer not raise it. 6 mil should be absolutly the most he makes per season. This is the chance he took to the test the market, he now knows that he isn’t shyt without kobe and the rest of the league knows it too.

  • egeeezy
  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    boss that’s harsh dn’t ya think….LO is a headache sometimes but dammmm…
    you can count of this guy to move the ball and get 10+ boards….(our best rebounder) 10mil is high..but 8 is ok in my book….sign him..
    and can we start the season already? life is not the same without the Lakeshow beating ppl a few times a week…

  • kb24bestever

    ODOM is one of the most underated players in the nba.
    His versatility its what made us champions because he created so much match up problems for other teams so they had to make adjustments and when they do that it makes life easier for the black mamba,pau and the rest of the lakers and that’s when we smash teams.I’m not saying he is the best we got but odom puts us over the top which is why we are the world champions..


  • pio2u

    Get it done & lets get to work on REPEATING!

  • Mal

    Boss sounds like he has kobe issues

  • http://www.vidaguerrasbutt.com/vida-guerra-playboy-picture-a_17.html#pic daboss1849

    If Odom was any good without kobe why hasn’t their been any offers? People still don’t understand it is much easier playing with a superstar who demands double and triple teams than playing with a bunch of average players. Go do a trevor on us Lamar, ask for more money than your worth and sign for less somewhere else and never make the playoffs again. Prediction trevor will have a horrible season and the rockets GM will regret the signing kinda like Mitch does with Luke. You cannot give these 1 hit wonders 30 mil, YOU JUST CAN’T DO IT!!!

  • http://www.vidaguerrasbutt.com/vida-guerra-playboy-picture-a_17.html#pic daboss1849

    Let LO go and sign stackhouse for the min. Artest can fill in at the 4 for 10-15 min. a game and stackhouse can fill in for Kobe and artest at the 3 and Sasha can sit on the bench next to Luke where they belong.

  • mihailicious

    The reason why everyone hated on LO in the past was because we all expected so much out of him, he has career avgs of 16/8/4.. we expect a player like that to be an all star, but now that everyone has seen he will never be that player.. we are all just cool with him doing his thing on certain nights and not showing up on others.. I always loved him, i think he has great heart.. sign him for 8 mill.. because luke walton makes around 5 and hes a scrub, so if i was lamar id be looking at luke and saying.. im twice as good i want twice the money..

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    [Comment ID #79315 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you have a point….luke ans sasha make that type of money playing mins per game..LO is out next best player behind kobe and Pau..maybe behind Artest now…we need LO, it’s that simple…..why?

    we have no clue how artest will fit with us…we don’t know if Drew will live up to expectations and meet his potential….LO, KOBE and PAU have been our constants……

    i’m being cautious because i think Drew will come back a beast, Artest will find his role..and LO will be in that second unit (and at the end of games) to finish the deal…..La next 4 yrs babiiiiiiiii

  • Nabil

    Luke is overpaid. I mean, LO might also look at Bynum and say, “I was more valuable to our championship, so why do they want to pay me so much less?” But that isn’t really a good way to think in life. Or he could look at side show bob in Cleveland and ask for something along those lines. But then Mitch would point out something about those dudes ages, and point out veterans that are at LEAST as good as LO, but playing for midlevel exception. Bottom line is Lamars already made his fortune, now its time for the chips.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #79314 Will Be Quoted Here]

    STACKHOUSE!!! Are you f’n smoking crack??? Stackhouse plays the small foward. Do you want yet ANOTHER small forward?

  • LakersFirst

    Honestly, I really don’t see how LO won’t be back. No other playoff team can offer that much more than the Lakers. Most of the teams have already run out of cap space.

    And for those of you who think LO is getting the high offers because he isn’t worth it. It’s not that! It’s simply because most of the team are OVER the salary cap. With the NBA lowering the salary cap and luxury cap, free agents are basically being FORCED to take a paycut, that is unless the free agent has Bird Rights with their current team.

  • ricky

    Attention Fans!!!

    Finally some good news! I was always confident that Lamar would re-sign eventually, but to finally get some good news is reassuring!

    With Lamar back, things are looking up again and our chance of repeating seems more likely now with the addition of Ron Ron!

    Just looking back at our roster, it looks pretty good. We were able to bring back the integral pieces and still upgrade, Mitch is a genius! Unfortunately, Trevor is gone, but Ron Ron just has that craziness that I can’t wait to see! He and Kobe are gonna be a defensive beast who will command lots of attention, leaving Mr. Spain, the ever consistent offensive beast he is, to get open looks inside as well as with Andrew and Lamar!

    I know Fish is getting up there but his experience and timely shot making is invaluable for us. Even though we don’t have a solid point guard or a secure future point guard, we still have a very formidable 3 headed beast at the point guard rotation with Fish, Jordan, and Shannon. Each bring different aspects of the game and together they can be great!

    Fish: experience, leadership, and shot-making. Jordan: speed, quickness, passing! Shannon: dunk, dunk, and more dunk as well as some solid defense, improved shot making, and killer mad hops!

    Kobe: no explanation needed! Mr. Everything!
    If Sasha can get his game back to form and continue to play pesky defense, he can really help open up the court with his shooting.

    Ron Ron: defense, toughness, aggression, craziness! absolute beast!
    Luke: Smarts, passing, hustle, effort, great guy to have in terms of initiating offense and being a glue guy to keep the bench mob intact during games.

    Other than Ron Ron, I’m most excited to see how Adam bounces back in an effort to get some playing time next season. Lots of people are writing him off, but I like his potential. If he can just get healthy, find his shot again, and play with spirit, I think he can be a solid rotation guy who can spread the floor and be another shooter for us and be a good offensive option.

    Lamar: just glad he’s going to be back! Candy-man!
    Senor Spain: again another consistent presence for us next year and a great 2nd option go to guy. He was simply amazing!
    J-Pow: Effort, energy, heart, just play your role man!
    Congo Cash: Same as J-Pow, defense, bruiser, size, strength, know your role!

    Big Diesel 2: Get healthy number 1, number 2 go get them boy! Dominate and we win hands down!



  • ricky

    Oh by the way, does anyone think we should maybe think about signing Jerry Stackhouse for the veteran’s minimum? He was just recently waived after being bought out by Memphis after the big Dallas trade for Marion. I know he’s old but he does have a good amount of experience and he would like to get a ring I’m sure. If he’s to sign with a contender, it might as well be with us probably. We could use another veteran player but it’s no big deal really. Maybe back up for Kobe if Sasha is not working out? I’m just throwing it out there to see what everyone thinks so sound off!

  • ricky

    HAHAHAHA! I realize now that Shaq is old and starting to step out of the spotlight, so the only way for him to stay relevant is to change teams every other season now! LMFAO!!!

  • crazypostman

    [Comment ID #79326 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i dont think anything like that is necessary to be honest. we already have a pretty solid bench. sasha had a bad year and an AWFUL playoffs and finals but something tells me he will come back next year and step it up. the great thing about our roster is we have much more versatility than most teams. we can go small or big, defensive or offensive. sh!t even our scrub players would do pretty well on most teams.

    we are already WAY over the cap and need to be saving some money not spending more on players like stackhouse. he was a beast in his prime but hes way past that and i think its totally unnecessary. mitch, once we get LO back you have done a great job this offseason given the circumstances (trevor’s agent being stupid, not having a whole lot of money to pursue free agents). just get lamar back and i think we will be fine without stackhouse. i think we look good for next year if artest knows his role.

    CANT WAIT for the season to start. lakeshow all the way!

  • Ron

    Comeon lets keep odom and get rid of some scrubs…sasha and morrison will need a new home…the chinese magic johnson can leave too.

  • TJ

    Odom is good coming off the bench, when he comes into the game he is good getting rebounds, and can put up 12 points a game, easy…

  • http://iklklkl aaron24

    Vote 4 Odom 2010 all-star

  • ricky

    [Comment ID #79330 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yeah good point crazypost. I’m aware that we should be saving up money as well as we are over the cap as it is, but again, I was just curious to hear the opinions of my fellow fans regarding Stackhouse. Thanks! Lakeshow all the way!

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious?

    kobe wouldn`t take a pay-cut….selfish…that was bullet that took out lamarr….also selfish…once again the mamba is breaking up a championship team…he gets an MVP for selfish..

  • http://www.vidaguerrasbutt.com/vida-guerra-playboy-picture-a_17.html#pic daboss1849

    [Comment ID #79323 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Thats why I said to use artest at the 4 to spell Pau and use stackhouse at the 2 and 3 to spell kobe and artest. Artest can play the 4 also. It’s like my girlfriend once told me its not about the length its all about the girth.

  • Joe

    Haa Haa! Your girlfriend was lying to you! I never have to hear all that sh*t because I have both length and girth.

  • http://getgasol.com getgasol

    Come on, Mitch, come on, Odom, make this happen. If this comes together, I will ask for nothing more, and I can rest.

    As Kobe said it,

    “Lamar Ain’t goin’ nowhere”

  • http://getgasol.com getgasol

    [Comment ID #79297 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Step off! The LakersNation is the best Lakers website on the net. You know it, and I know it. You know how hard it is to run a site? Do you expect guys to be on this site 24 hours a day breaking news instantly? Who is going to pay the staff? Are you paying money for use of this site? No! It’s free. You shut the hell up.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #79346 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Artest is TOO small to play the 4 spot on semi-regular basis (you don’t think guys like Duncan, Garnett, etc, are just going to shoot right over him?). Not to mention, Artest is going to start at the 3, and then when Pau needs a rest, you want Artest to move to the 4? You don’t think Artest is going to rest as well? C’mon man, THINK!!! LO is 6’10 and does well coming off the bench as a backup PF. You might not like LO, but the fact remains, he was a critical part of the championship team.

  • sam the man

    My sincere wish for LO is to quickly take whatever the Lakers have offered him. Sooner the better, because the time is running out & there are no takers with big money out there. I understand the Lakers have offered him more than 8 mil.That’s pretty good.
    Lamar if you’re listening, please accept the offer otherwise you’ll get little or nothing. I would hate to see that happen to you. You had been a great laker player but your own agent has screwed you over by not aggressively pursuing early on the teams that could have signed you up for more money. Now the time has run out, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. If the Lakers were nasty they could easily offer you way less & that would be very unfortunate thing for a player of your caliber. As we get older things don’t happen as favorably as in young age. You well know your game has been up & down Mr. Odam, stick with Kobe you might win another championship, thus raise your market value in future. Good luck!

  • Ruff Ryders

    Things are looking better for Odom but is it looking good for the Lakers to sign him??? =/

  • TJ

    If Odom won’t play for what the Lakers want to play him, sign and trade to Houston for Shane Battier…

  • Lakerfan in FL


    Kupchak not hopeful of getting Odom
    July 13th, 2009, 6:52 pm · 2 Comments · posted by JANIS CARR, OCREGISTER.COM

    Forget all that good vibe about Lamar Odom re-signing with the Lakers. Mitch Kupchak’s gut feeling is that it won’t happen.

    Kupchak said Monday he was “not as hopeful” of reaching a deal with Odom as he was last week. He said that the Lakers and Odom’s representative, agent Jeff Schwartz, “are not on the same page” and there are no further talks planned.

    The Lakers were believed to have offered Odom $8 million-plus, but Odom has been seeking at least $10 million.

    “I understand it’s a business, but I’m suprised it has taken this long to get to this point,” he said at halftime of the Lakers-Clippers Summer League game.

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  • Robert

    OK, LO has come back with a response to that report:


    It looks like he may be holding out for more than $8.5M, but who knows. He still thinks that he will be with the Lakers next year.

  • Michael_23

    LO needs to stop listening to his agent and go with and trust his feelings. Stay in LA take the 8 mil a year. If you want money, fire ur agent who just wants it and save $$$ money for urself and ur family.