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Relax Lakers fans. We are going to be ok; although I hope I am speaking prophetically and not just wishfully thinking. How do I know there is no cause for panic from this dismal start? I haven’t thrown anything yet. Two games, two losses and I haven’t erupted. Believe me, that says a lot.

I don’t live in California (I live in GA) and every year since its inception, I have subscribed to NBA League Pass for the sole purpose of watching the Lakers. I have seen every single game the past 4 seasons, DVR’d them, and watched each one over again. When the Lakers are on, I watch alone. No talking, except me yelling or screaming at the TV. When they lose, I do absolutely no talking. I turn my phone off and relish in my sour mood.

During most games, my twin comes into my room to catch a glimpse of the action. She knows whether the Lakers are winning or losing by my demeanor. If I give her the “what da hell do you want” look with the evil eye, she turns around and walks away. If I look like I am about to explode, she knows the loss has already happened. I am not a happy camper.

After these two terrible performances, I am happy to announce I am fine. I am calm, cool, and collected. I watched these games and though greatly disappointed, I have decided to do what Kobe Bryant said Thursday: I am shutting up and letting them work.

I know it’s hard, Laker fans, especially when your team looks like the Lost Angeles Lakers. The Princeton offense looks like the Harvard (no such thing) and the bench looks no better than last years. It is easy to complain. The Lakers have spoiled us. We are impatient. We want results, and from what we’ve seen so far, if the Lakers’ play was a fight, somebody would stop it. Play on the court has been sloppy, out of sync, and at times boring.

The offense looks disjointed. The bench looks scared. The team looks old and slow. The defense looks, well, don’t you have to play defense for it to be called defense? Despite all of this, I see light at the end of the tunnel. The Lakers will be just fine. After all, this isn’t the 2004-05 season. We will not suffer regular season disappointment. Dwight Howard is not Andrew Bynum. Kobe Bryant is still Kobe Bryant. Steve Nash will find his groove sooner than later. We will look back on this horrendous start and laugh. We’re not Clippers fans, we are Laker Nation!

I’m going to take Kobe’s advice and ‘shut-up’, because I have no doubt this Lakers’ team will inevitably ‘put-up’.