Looks like we’re not the only ones upset about the cheap “trip” foul. Scott was too.

RotoWorld: Hornets coach Byron Scott is not happy with the defense Dahntay Jones is playing on Chris Paul and called the Nuggets’ defensive style “dirty” on Tuesday.  “I can appreciate anybody that plays hard, but when you get to the point where you’re being a little dirty, that’s the thing that kind of aggravates me,” Scott said. “When you get to the point where you’re being a little dirty then I don’t appreciate that — and I don’t respect it

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  • may

    I agree with Byron Scott, Denver has no basic discipline, they do not respect their coach, more than a few important faces in the league have pointed them out, whats next, are they gonna beat down our fans tomorrow night at the Staple Center. I swear these guys are Ron Artest times 100 in the making, wake up NBA you got losers showing kids and the world how to react on the court. These Denver dudes are reckless, disrespectful, classless and will never amount to be near what Kobe Bryant’s success is…. from mad angry furious Laker fan.. got get’em L.A.

  • L.A. All The Way

    Not only was that dirty but it was downright DANGEROUS. Shame on the league for allowing that and not taking immediate action. Kobe running at that speed and not expecting it could have made him fall on his face and caused a severe injury. If they don’t put a stop to that then it will just keep happening. Is this what the kids are going to look up to and think is okay to do? Then you hear their coach during time out telling his players to “get aggressive and physical”. Well I guess they took it to the extreme. But then I guess that’s the only way they can stop Kobe.

  • willow

    Not to mention the two-handed shove Jones did to Kobe a couple of nights ago. That could’ve been disastrous at best if KB didn’t gather himself. It’s fun to watch playoff baskteball but to resort to dirty ball playing is only for the blacktop not in the NBA. These guys have no respect for the game. JR Smith is supposedly just “having fun” after he hit a tre’. There’s a difference between having fun and showin’ up your opponent. Walking like an idiot and flashin a “B” like Paul Pierce did last year does not belong in the NBA. Bring it on to the blacktop and let’s see what happens if he pulls that kinda shyt.



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    The league removed Kobe for a game slapping Marko Jaric’s and Manu Ginobli a few years when he was doing his pull up jumper.

    The league doesn’t do anything for Dante Jones’ intentional fouls on Kobe.

    So I don’t get it anymore …

    Damn the league, but Go Lakers.

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    Karl added: “If I was Kobe I wouldn’t want [Jones] to cover me. He’s a pain, he’s a nag, he’s always bothering you. He has a good defensive base, he has a good stance. He’s professional. Whatever we want him to do, from fronts to denials, he’s willing to do. I think he’s doing as good a job as anyone on our team.”

    Is this guy serious?!*&^

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    I like George Karl great coach seems like a great guy but really Kobe wouldnt want Jones to guard him????? If Karl considers pushing, tripping, and picking up 4 fouls in 2 mins. then ohh yeahh he a great defender…..good thing they didnt suspened that moron Kobe gonna tear him up tomorrow guarantee it….and ive seen the Raja comments people have left here i think this clown is more annoying than Raja hes juss out there to “play defense” no offense atleast raja can shoot…..he dunks the ball once and he thinks he juss got 40 points…..he gets most of his points during garbage time….Dahntay Jones is garbage!!!

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    Scott 2010?

  • Lakers_TheTruth

    Byron should really come to coach the Lakers when PJ retires.


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    You are wierd because you can’t spell wierd. Do you understnd what I mean?

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    Wow. That’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard.
    Seriously. Is Karl blind, or just can’t get a clue?
    I wouldn’t want to make Jones feel good about himself for doing all of this. Is Karl actually encouraging this type of defense on Kobe?
    If Jones does this again, and something serious happens… *knocks on wood*
    What will the NBA do then?