Byron Scott shows his interest in coaching the Lakers.

UPDATE: Scott intrigued by Cavs job but Lakers are his dream. Would be between him & Brian Shaw likely. Kobe & Magic & Buss all like Byron.


Twitter: Byron Scott thinks he can get Lakers job if Phil retires. In fact he might even wait a year if Phil comes back to try (another) three-peat

  • Marwan Marzina

    A defensive minded coach, who is very close with Kobe, Magic and Dr. Buss, who can bring the “Showtime” Lakers style of play to this team. I’m all for it if Phil doesn’t return!

  • anon

    laker for life. i think byronn is more ready to head coach the lakers than shaw

  • BigplayDA10

    I like Byron, but I really like B. Shaw. Byron would bring in a whole new offensive system/style, but with Shaw we would still run the triangle. Shaw has been in waiting for this job and he’s ready, even Phil himself said that Shaw is ready to be a head coach. I don’t want to lose Shaw from our organization whatsoever and if we bring Byron in to be head coach then Shaw will most likely feel slighted and go and move on to another team.

    • rudy t.

      but at the same time, im hoping against all hope that bshaw has picked up on that whole selflessness thing and still see some reason to stay ifever we decide to take byron scott as head coach.
      that being said, i feel like turning your back on a budding threepeat is right up there with peeing beside a guy who’s staring at you straight in the eye and taking 20 shots of tequila straight as one of the most difficult things to do. phil’s coming back. BOOK IT.

      • 151rummer


  • awesomerob24

    without a doubt
    I want phil back
    hes the best coach ever
    but if having phil is not an option then I couldnt imagine anybody else coaching the Lakers beside Byron scott
    He would be #1 on my list after phil

  • lakers0828

    Yeah i wouldnt Mind Byron Coaching the Lakers if Phill Does Retire I think it Would fit the Lakers If Phill Does Leave

  • Geoff

    I think Brian Shaw would be a better choice though. 1) He would stick withe the triangle offense. Nobody would need to learn another system. 2) He already has a great relationship with the players. 3) He has been Phil Jackson’s right hand man for the past few seasons.

    If you read this article from the NY Times you’ll understand why.

  • 242LakerFan

    How about fish as player/coach?
    Not a serious suggestion, just a “what-if?”

  • i0ioooooi0i

    do not like this one bit. how did byron scott leave the nets, and hornets? arguing with j. kidd, and a 60-point HOME playoff loss, respectively. not good.
    stick with the system in place.

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      totaly agreed
      byron had problems with both kidd and cp3, ehich is definitely not a good sign in a team w kobe and artest
      plus byron has been successful only with a DOMINANT pg (KIDD and CP3 were the best pg at the moment)
      in la he will find….. fish
      which is great for the triangle but horrible for scott system
      seriously i dont see byron scott having success w our team, unless lakers trade for a dominant pg, but at that point why ruin a toy that is functioning so well?
      our players just won 2 rings w the triangle
      our roster does not fit scott ball

      that equals to me to failure

      lets get pjax part time
      mayb pjax coach only home games during the season
      and be full time for play offs
      why not pjax?????
      come on
      in this way we can see if shaw will be a good coach for the future and have also insurance of pjax taking over if we need to

      • daboss1848

        correction: he had agreat relationship with CP3
        Forget the part time coach – lakers wont go for it . . .team needs consistency. Shaw makes most sense for our personnel – Scott requires new faster, younger players.

  • i0ioooooi0i

    seriously, right after we won the championship, it seems like it’s been bad news followed by more bad news on
    – tmac wanting to sign with the lakers (woof)
    – gilbert to the lakers (yikes)
    – bynum delaying surgery until july 18 (why not get it done as soon as possible?)
    – phil jackson’s daughter foreseeing his retirement (aaah)
    – phil jackson himself saying “leaning towards retirement (panic)
    – and now, byron scott as coach?
    with this move alone: we’d burn a bridge with b. shaw (he’s ready and recommended by phil), we’d put in a new system in place (not good at this stage of kobe’s career), and in terms of track records, going from phil jackson to byron scott is like going from first class to the luggage area of the airplane.

  • MichaelAKERS

    Our first priority should be ‘GET PHIL AND FISHER BACK’. I can see Fish staying with us though, but since hearing Phil is leaning towards retirement, you have to go to the sidekick, the one who he has been riding shotgun with Phil, while learning about the triangle offense, and that’s Brian Shaw. I remember Byron didn’t do a good job down in New Orleans, so I wouldn’t want him on my team. B-Shaw would do if we don’t get Phil back. Also, if we do get Phil Jackson back this year, but wants to end his career next year, B-Shaw would still be my pick for next years coach.

    • 242LakerFan

      Byron Scott did about the best anyone could with a team that was basically Michael Jackson and a pile of Jermaine Jacksons. Michael went down and the Jermaines floundered without him and he got fired. This is the same coach who took the Nets to two straight Finals. The guy is a good coach. There might be a better option, like Shaw, who’s been in the system since the beginning, but don’t belittle Byron as a coach. You’re just wrong there.

      • MichaelAKERS

        True, but I’d much rather have B-shaw because he’s been PJ’s sidekick and knows about the triangle offense. I think we’d lose that with Byron. I think I speak for everyone when I say that our first choice for coach is Phil, but my 2nd choice would be B-Shaw. I think he’s ready.

  • LakersFirst


  • xtro

    scott hs to wait because phil is coming back

  • rondo

    I want Phil, if Phil leaves Byron or Shaw will make me happy. I think both will be great for the Lakers.

  • atomicpunk

    and why assume just because Scott takes over that they’ll abandon the triangle? Shaw will still be there(hopefully) Why mess with a working system? Scott will adapt IMO

  • Robert

    If Byron Scott doesn’t employ the Triangle, then the Lakers will HAVE to get a true point guard. Getting a good one will be tough in today’s market. Looks like Chris Paul wouldn’t mind a trade, but no way the Hornets would give the Lakers a better edge (plus, don’t know if it’s financially feasible).

  • Mr Bartelby

    Scott has two head coaching positions to 0 for Shaw.

    I’d like to see something like what boston had w/ Rivers and thibedeau, where Shaw would run the triangle offense and Scott lead up the defense.

  • Pastorius

    It is plain as day, Derek Fisher is a leader of men.

    Why not get on the road to the future sooner than later?

    Derek Fisher as Coach 2010-11.

  • brian

    brian shaw or byron scott would be fine for our team. id rather run the triangle offense with shaw, but byron scott may turn out to be good in the long run


    mmm.. well well I think the better option now if Phill leave LA is Shaw he knows the triangle offense. And Byron LA heart but other type of ideas

  • 123kid

    whether phil retires or not, i think which ever coach we pick will still be good hands, especially since you have player-coaches/leaders in kobe and fish. but if I were to pick one coach, I would def pick brian shaw. I think it would be great for him to finally step out of phils shadow and still work with the triangle. also, I think the team has a lot more trust and familiarity in him and im sure the rest of the coaching staff will still be intach.

  • restlesslaker

    Byron got dumped twice.

    I’d rather go for B. Shaw.

    • daboss1848

      PJ got dumped twice too – once in CHI, and his 1st stint with LAL . .. but yes i want Shaw too

      • restlesslaker

        Phil wasn’t dumped. His contracts were up and they were not renewed. So, technically, those were not dumping.

        B Shaw knows the triangle. Byron showed throughout his coaching career that he can not manage personnel.

  • cjm

    doc “cry me a” rivers is available, i hear :)

  • moe

    Mike D’Antoni would be pefect if phil not comeing back

  • iiTzDanny

    i’d Take Byron Anyday IF Phil Retires.

  • Sarah Smith

    I can’t even talk about Phil retiring. The team will suffer. No, really. He can’t retire. If he goes, forget another ring. I wouldn’t even put us in the Finals.

    Byron Scott will run his own system. Period. B Shaw is still a little green. If Phil truly cares about the Lakers and wants to win one more ring, he’ll come back for one more year, with B Shaw at his side. Then B Shaw takes over the year after.

    We can’t even discuss Phil leaving.