L.A. Daily News: Coach Phil Jackson said Friday night for the first time that it might be another month or more before injured center Andrew Bynum can rejoin the Lakers. Jackson also said Bynum might fill a reserve role when he is fit to play.

What’s more, Jackson said center Chris Mihm might play before Bynum or forward Trevor Ariza are able to return to the active roster.

Bynum injured his left kneecap in January and has not been cleared to begin running on a treadmill. He has been working out in a pool.

Mihm had surgery to remove a screw from his surgically repaired right ankle last month. He also underwent a relatively new procedure in which his blood was drawn, treated and then injected in his foot in an attempt to speed his recovery.

Ariza broke his right foot in January, but is still wearing a walking boot. He was scheduled to be out of the boot Monday, but suffered a setback.

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  • MILO

    It’s really important for Bynum to get at least 5 games in before the playoffs so that he can get back into the flow of things…

  • foxxy


  • Phant0M

    As long as he’s with us in the playoffs im good


  • domz

    GET well SOON AB17!!!
    and ALSO to YOU trevor AND chris!!!
    were GONNA burn THE burn THE house DOWN!!!

  • vida24

    okay just get back before the playoffs …!

  • 187 ON BOSTON

    [Comment ID #28767 Will Be Quoted Here]
    please dont refer to chris mihm as a laker. he is just a blob of $hit that sits on our bench.


    Let’s not get carried away with the phrase “a ways off”.It may sound like it’s going to be forever but I’d rather him comeback during playoff time or give him 10 to 5 regular season games to ‘get his feet wet’ and then LET THE MADNESS BEGIN!Ariza should be back during playoffs.

  • http://lakers.topbuzz.com Lakers2410

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    A blob? Mihm is the 3rd best guy able to play at center, behind Gasol and Bynum, Mihm has great footwork, excellent blocking, good rebounding, the only thing that stopped him was injuries! Give the guy a break, he’s extremely capable of being an awesome player, I just hope next year he’s able to prove it!

  • http://swishtheball.net kenny smith

    [Comment ID #28758 Will Be Quoted Here]oh yeah, bynum has not hd a chance to play with pau. Andrew nd pau need 2 get used to each other

    [Comment ID #28774 Will Be Quoted Here]actually, mihm is our 4th string center after pau, drew, ronny, and dj. but he does have good footwork and he is a smart rebounder. we can trade him to a bad team which he will get good playing time for afew first round picks.

  • Michael_23

    Lakers are #1 in in the west rankings. If they can hold off being #1 or #2 then they shouldn’t hurry Bynum back so soon. But get in there in at least 1st week of April to get some games under him. If the chemistry wont work out right away, then bringing him off the bench wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #28772 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i think it’s safe to say that his run in the NBA is about to stop soon!!!

  • west213

    chris is gay, his freakin weak and is turning to be KWAME.